It takes a leap of faith to buy a physical product sight unseen, particularly one where its 3D qualities or the context where it will be seen is important. Despite this, key trends are driving customers to buy larger and more significant purchases without seeing or touching a product first, and with increasing amounts of business being done online – for product companies with physical goods, building long-lasting, trusted relationships is harder and harder. Companies from furniture retailers to architectural products manufacturers want their customers to have amazing experiences with their products that lead to long-term loyalty and repeat business. From product discovery, pre-sale to purchase, to fulfilment and post-sales support, new opportunities exist to empower brands that sell physical products and redefine their relationship with customers. To make product experiences, and product relationships. Plattar leverages rapidly evolving Augmented Reality (ARKit + ARCore) & XR tech with consumer hardware and browser evolution to act as a new enabler for customers to experience products in 3D and/or in context without the product being physically present. These and other emerging technologies provide the capabilities to engage throughout the product life cycle – an ongoing way to tie together adoption, use and loyalty through virtual education, support and upselling of complementary products.