XR Predictions 2024: The Year of Immersive Tech

Ten of the world's top authorities in immersive technologies have joined XR Today for a groundbreaking series

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Published: December 6, 2023

Demond Cureton

XR Today has launched its XR Predictions series in a fresh exposition of ideas, creativity, and observations hard-pressed to find on the internet!

The novel series has gathered some of the best and brightest in the sector, who will share their insights and commentary on the future of the virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) industry.

With the world experiencing the highs and lows of immersive tech, the technology stands on the precipice of an innovation renaissance but continues to struggle with fundamentals in its emergence.

We’re asking some of the most pertinent questions regarding the direction, development, and deployment of XR around the world, directly from the experts helping the industry to thrive and flourish!

Here’s a brief teaser of what you’ll gain from the XR Predictions Series.

What’s on for the XR Predictions Series?

For many seeking to navigate the tumultuous extended reality (XR) market, many rely on the knowledge of experts within the sector. With their foresight, experience, and skill sets, our guests are passing on that information to our audiences in a groundbreaking series of videos exclusive to XR Today.

With an introduction from Demond Cureton, Senior Journalist, XR Today, the series promises to invigorate discussions on the trajectory of XR.

The series includes short, 1-minute insights from the following experts:

Scrying XR’s Immersive Future

For many of our speakers, the fate of VR, AR, and MR lies in the pathways they will take leading into 2024. After a rocky melee for the Metaverse in 2022 and sobering developments from this year, 2024 is slated to provide XR with a more stable, permanent foundation.

The Fusionists’ Jay Latta predicts that the industrial metaverse will lead to the development of XR solutions, leading to greater adoption rates. Additionally, the VRARA’s Kevin O’Donovan believes that industries will find better, more tangible use cases for the influx of interoperable emerging technologies.

Topia’s Daniel Liebeskind forecasts the need for more experimental pioneers in the spatial communications space, especially for developing and building XR solutions. Meanwhile, Innoactive’s Hervé Fontaine believes 2024 will see the emergence of real-world digital twins in action.

In the workplace, Arvizio’s Jonathan Reeves thinks that more people will adopt VR, AR, and MR solutions across their workflows and project pipelines. HouseCall’s Linda Ciavalleri expects the rapid incorporation of AI and machine learning (ML) into immersive technology stacks to empower healthcare.

For VNCCII’s Samantha Tauber, devices like the Apple Vision Pro and markerless mocap will lead to increased use cases of technologies like spatial audio and mixed reality creative content. Also, RealWear’s Dr Chris Parkinson shared his insights on the convergence of 5G, AI, and natural language processing (NLP) in powering headsets for remote guidance and walkthroughs.

Finally, Naer’s Sondre Kvam explained how mixed reality would allow increased presence in collaborative spaces by uniting the physical and virtual worlds to provide spatial context. Gatherverse’s Christopher Lafayette also expects companies, governments, and organisations to produce best practices and ethics for extended reality solutions via a collaborative effort to build the next iteration of the internet.


Our luminaries come from around the world and include many of our esteemed Big News Show guests, previous interviewees, and trustworthy analysts. Each speaker has remained an authority in their field, whether in hardware design, user experience (UX) design, content creation, or consultancy.

Our XR Predictions series is set to help lay the foundation for discourse in the immersive sector, leading to discoveries and, hopefully, a viral sensation that will kick off conversations on the future of this promising and resilient technological venture known as mixed reality.

Be sure to join us for the XR Predictions event as you won’t want to miss the wealth of knowledge from our perspicacious short-form series of commentary. We hope that you enjoy our speakers and what they have to offer the immersive tech industry. Thanks so much for joining and hope you join us for the event!

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