XR Telecoms And Media Case Study: Orange, Immersiv and Nreal

For companies in the telecoms and media landscape, extended reality presents an exceptional opportunity

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Published: May 21, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

Not only can the right immersive tools improve training and collaboration sessions among teams, but they also offer a new way to reach consumers with valuable experiences.  

With access to 5G connectivity, XR content creation solutions, and advanced technology, companies can work together to change the way we consume media on a phenomenal level. This is something Orange, the official partner of the Tour De France discovered, when it began investing in AR experiences with the help of Immersiv.io and Nreal.  

In 2020, the Orange team created the “Augmented Race” app for the Tour De France in Finish areas, allowing spectators wearing Nreal light augmented reality glasses to relive key moments from the tour, viewing both the ascent of the cyclists, and a 3D map of the stage.  

Creating an Interactive Media Experience 

Throughout the project, Orange worked hand-in-hand with the Immersiv.io creative studio, to develop a bespoke, interactive application. The app was designed to allow racing fans to enrich their experience of the event, with access to a variety of different types of content. The “Augmented Race” application allowed users leveraging Nreal Light glasses to view a 3D map in the real world, overlayed with information about each stage of the course.  

Thanks to this technology, users could see all of the challenging curves and paths of the cyclist’s route, as well as the various climbs and drops, without walking the route themselves. Users could also use the app to follow athletes through the 3D map, and see how their performance changed as they moved through different challenges. The app included overlaid information about each athlete, such as their previous wins, age, and height.  

The Augmented Race app was designed to deliver racing fans with a brand-new way to experience live competitions, thanks to a combination of 5G technology (delivered by Orange), and unique AR content. Through the app, every fan could access a deeper level of immersion, and a better view of the landscapes covered throughout the course. The Nreal Light glasses further simplified the experience. Users only needed to place the glasses over the eyes, and see all of the three-dimensional content in front of them.  

Expanding on the Initial Experiment 

After the 2020 experiment proved to be a fantastic success for the Telecoms and Media landscape, Orange continued to invest in its XR journey. The Immersiv.io team got involved again in 2022, to recreate the experience with Orange and ASO. The team from Immersiv.io followed alongside Orange throughout the tour, offering fans a brand-new way to immerse themselves in the race once again, with access to 3D images and map overviews.  

Equipped with the same Nreal Light AR glasses offered to spectators in 2020, fans could track the progress of the race, and even hear a welcome speech from the president of the tour himself, complete with a holographic representation of the speaker. They could even re-watch the most interesting parts of the tour on-demand, and follow the riders using their augmented 3D map.  


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