XR Awards 2023 Winners

Finalists, highly commended, and winners for this year's ceremony

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Published: May 25, 2023


Rory Greener

Watch the event on-demand here.

That’s a wrap. The XR Awards 2023 officially went live today to celebrate the best in XR innovation for enterprise clients.

During the ceremony, XR Today, alongside an esteemed group of industry expert judges, revealed the winners across 16 categories that showcase the best and brightest the space has to offer.

Leading up to the event, the event’s judges worked hard to compile a list of finalists and eventual winners, all of which presented incredible examples of XR enterprise implementation.

XR Awards 2023 Winners

Out of the almost 400 entries for this year’s event, only 16 applicants walked away a winner. However, specific entries were just too impressive, so select categories include a “Highly Commended” honour for entries that, while not winning, deserved recognition.

This year’s winners and highly commended for the XR Awards 2023 are:

Most Innovative Product

Judge – Jay Latta 

  • FundamentalVRHighly Commended
  • HTC-Vive Winner 🏆
  • Nreal 
  • Pfizer Global Supply 

Best Virtual Reality Solution

Judge – Tom Ffiske 

  • Dynepic Highly Commended
  • LightValve 
  • Pfizer Global SupplyWinner 🏆
  • VRH  

Best Augmented Reality Solution

Judge – Yanna Zhu 

  • Holo-Light 
  • Lumus VisionWinner 🏆
  • Qualcomm Highly Commended 
  • Trigger XR 

Best Mixed Reality Solution

Judge – Amy LaMayer 

  • Delta Reality 
  • HTC-VIVE Winner 🏆
  • Phoria 
  • Trigger XR Highly Commended

Best Metaverse Solution

Judge – Amy Peck 

  • Qualcomm Winner 🏆
  • Metaverse Park 
  • Nreal 

Best Healthcare Solution

Judge – Amy Peck 

  • ARuVR 
  • FundamentalVR 
  • Tripp Winner 🏆
  • MyndVR 

Best Education and Training Solution

Judge – Nathan Pettyjohn 

  • ARuVR 
  • Igloo VisionWinner 🏆
  • CXR Agency 
  • ELB Learning 

Best AEC Solution

Judge – Sophia Moshasha 

  • Avataar 
  • HTC-Vive 
  • Igloo Vision Winner 🏆

Best Manufacturing and Industrial Solution

Judge – Yanna Zhu 

  • RealWear Winner 🏆
  • SightCall Highly Commended 
  • Pfizer Global Supply 
  • Holo-Light 

Best Automotive Solution

Judge – Sophia Moshasha 

  • Holo-Light 
  • Nreal 
  • TeamViewer Frontline Winner 🏆

Best Retail and E-commerce Solution

Judge – Faisal Mushtaq 

  • Imvizar Winner 🏆
  • HTC-Vive 
  • Reactive Reality Highly Commended 

Best Immersive Collaboration

Judge – Amelia Kallman 

  • Arthur Technologies  
  • Igloo Vision Winner 🏆
  • Sphere 
  • VHR 

Best Arts and Entertainment Solution

Judge – Amelia Kallman 

  • Doddz 
  • Imvizar 
  • Yord Studio Highly Commended 
  • The Park Playground Winner 🏆

Rising Star – Organisation

Judge – Tom Ffiske 

  • Dynepic 
  • FundamentalVRWinner 🏆
  • HousecallVR 
  • Yord Studio 
  • Wisear 

Rising Star – Individual

Judge – Jay Latta 

  • Christoph Fleischmann – Arthur Technologies Winner 🏆
  • Leon Laroue – Sphere – Highly Commended 
  • Richard Vincent – FundamentalVR Highly Commended  
  • Dinesh Punni – Immersive Insiders  

XR Leader of the Year

Judge – Amy LaMayer 

  • Brad Chesham, Founder, Bundle of Rays 
  • Krissa Watry, CEO, Dynepic Winner 🏆
  • Jakub Korczyński, CEO, Giant Lazer 

Congratulations to All Participants, Looking Ahead

XR Today would like to thank everyone who digitally attended this year’s event. Moreover, further thanks to each judge and participant of the XR Awards 2023. This year also saw countless high-quality entries that did not reach the finalist stage, only proving the potential of the XR industry with its vast number of potential finalists.

Following such a fruitful year packed with industry innovation, the next 12 months will hold further chances for immersive firms to excel in immersive reality solutions for enterprises.

So, stay up to date with XR Today to stay plugged into the immersive industry. As 2024 approaches, major industry events could occur that flips the XR industry on its head. Apple’s XR headset may be around the corner, potentially sparking a wave of innovation in the marketplace.

No matter the future, XR Today will be ready to acknowledge the latest in industry innovation and success, as noted during today’s ceremony.

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