Windows 11 Mixed Reality Users Report Install Errors

Rory Greener

MR developers are reporting major bugs after attempting to install the app on devices

Microsoft Analysis
Windows 11 Mixed Reality Users Report Install Errors

US tech giant Microsoft reports Windows 11 operating system (OS) users are struggling to install its Mixed Reality (MR) app, Windows Report found on Monday.

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality software development kit (SDK) is behind popular Microsoft MR products such as the HoloLens and recently updated Mesh collaboration platform.

The news comes after Microsoft began rolling out Windows 11 on Monday to select devices in a “phased and measured” adoption period, with some unable to receive update until the middle of 2022.

The Redmond-based firm will make Windows 11 available on hardware depending on factors such as the device’s age, make, and model.

Despite Microsoft’s measured approach, reports have emerged across social media that Microsoft’s official MR application will not install.

A Reddit user claimed:

“When I try and install Windows Mixed Reality portal it always fails with the message ‘Couldn’t install Windows Mixed Reality'”

Conversely, some users could install Microsoft’s application, but reported major performance issues.

“I just conducted the same experiment with windows 11 and nothing but problems. Took forever to get it working and then the performance was horrible”

The installation and performance issues appear to be a result of a bug and Windows users have not yet found a universal fix, but Microsoft is expected to resolve the problem as it refines the new OS.

As Microsoft continues the rollout, Windows MR developers will also help patch bugs and refine the OS.

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