What is Nike’s Metaverse? An Introduction to Nikeland 

What is Nikeland? The Nike metaverse 

What is Nike's Metaverse - An Introduction to Nikeland 
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Published: March 13, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

The “metaverse” is still something of a complex concept for many business leaders. Companies around the world are currently in the process of figuring out what the “metaverse” might mean to them and how they might be able to engage and convert consumers in a new digital age.  

However, while countless brands have yet to start genuinely exploring the abilities of the metaverse, a handful of early adopters have already begun building amazing experiences. Nike is one example of a company going all-in on the potential benefits of metaverse interactions.  

The sports manufacturer, known for being at the forefront of digital transformation, introduced “Nikeland” in 2022, a metaverse experience built within the Roblox ecosystem.  

What is Nikeland? An Introduction 

Nikeland is a “micro metaverse” built within the Roblox ecosystem. Many experts regard Roblox as one of the first official “metaverse” platforms designed to empower creators, bring users together in a virtual space, and deliver uniquely immersive experiences.  

Nike built the “Nikeland” environment with the Roblox Studio, the same technology countless other creators have used to introduce their own digital worlds to a vast community of players. According to Nike, its mini metaverse is intended to be an engaging 3D space targeted at people passionate about sports and gaming.  

The virtual environment is inspired by the original Nike headquarters and provides users with a range of unique experiences to enjoy. Players can try on virtual products with their avatars, buy NFTs, and even take part in mini-games for a chance to earn rewards and prizes. Perhaps the most compelling part of Nikeland is its digital showroom, where users can buy any type of garment and even create their own Nike-branded accessories from scratch. 

For Nike, Nikeland is an opportunity to connect with its community on a new level. Going forward, the company plans to add major competitive events to Nikeland linked to global sporting events, such as the Olympics or the World Cup. Nike is also experimenting with hybrid experiences which connect the real world to its virtual environment. 

For instance, the Nike New York Store has its own augmented reality experience, which allows users to leverage a Snapchat feature to dress in clothing from the Nikeland library. 

The Success of Nikeland 

While Nikeland is still a relatively new addition to the “metaverse” landscape, it’s quickly generating phenomenal results for the athletic company. In March 2022, Nike announced that almost 7 million people had already visited Nikeland, from around 224 counties.  

As part of a Q3 earnings call, Nike also suggested its metaverse environment would become a significant part of its marketing and branding strategy in the years to come. Already, the company has hosted a number of major events on the platform. Even LeBron James visited the space during NBA All-Star week to help inspire and engage users.  

The obvious success of Nikeland as a metaverse concept has already pushed various other companies to start considering what their own Metaverse spaces might look like. Brands all the way from Gucci to HSBC have begun looking for new ways to enter the metaverse and engage with their followers. For countless brand leaders, Nikeland has become a benchmark by which they can measure their own success in the digital world.  



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