UrsaLeo and Alleantia Integrate 3D Digital Twin and Sensor Gateway Tech

Delivering a complete digital management hub for Industry 4.0 operations

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Published: January 4, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

As the extended reality landscape continues to evolve, companies are beginning to discover new possibilities available through the integration of various tools and services. Recently, UrsaLeo, a company specialising in photorealistic 3D representations of data through software, announced a new partnership with Alleantia. The Alleantia brand has a reputation around the world for a pioneering approach to plug-and-play software for the Internet of Things.

These two companies, both focused on the potential of digital transformation and disruptive technology, will be combining two crucial products to deliver a new end-to-end solution for customers. The partnership involves the immersive 3D photorealistic digital twin technology from UrsaLeo, which will be integrating with sensor gateway technologies from Alleantia.

Combined, the two solutions will give industrial customers a unique solution for end-to-end support of more than 5000 industrial devices. According to the two organisations, this partnership will provide a complete digital hub for the management of Industry 4.0 operations.

New Innovations Through Integrations

John Burton, UrsaLeo’s CEO, commented on the new partnership, noting that Alleantia was a natural choice for UrsaLeo’s vision of digital growth. Alleantia is already at the heart of many digital transformation processes for industrial companies around the world. The technology the company can offer, built for reliability, scalability, and simplicity, allows every organisation to reach their full potential in the age of Industry 4.0.

Burton noted that the impressive technology of Alleantia, and the incredible Xpango library for supported products, Alleantia made the perfect partner for UrsaLeo. The experience that the Alleantia team has in the IoT space adds to the value that the brand can bring to this new collaboration. Both UrsaLeo and Alleantia believe that big opportunities will arise from the new integration.

According to the Chief of Operations for Alleantia, and Co-Founder Antonio Conati Barbaro, the Alleantia team is thrilled to be delivering the innovative technology of UrsaLeo to customers in the European market, with new markets to roll out in the future. UrsaLeo is currently the first partner for Alleantia to offer complete 3D digital twinning technology, complete with an immersive dashboard.

The UrsaLeo 3D system displays fantastic visualisations, while helping users to improve response times, collaboration, and training opportunities automatically and consistently. The UrsaLeo dashboard helps to solve potential issues before they arise, and Alleantia believes it could be the perfect tool for porting data to the cloud through its gateway.

Bringing Digital Twin and Sensor Gateway Technology Together

The Alleantia and UrsaLeo teams both agree that their combined technology will help to deliver new opportunities to a global list of companies now experimenting with new opportunities for training, development, and more. The partnership even led to a talk at the IoT World Manufacturing Day, focusing on the outcomes businesses could unlock using Alleantia’s 5,000 drivers for industrial devices, and UrsaLeo’s photorealistic digital twin technology.

Together, the new solution can improve safety, decrease costs, and reduce environmental impact, according to UsaLeo and Allentea. It will be interesting to see what kind of impact it has on the industry landscape of tomorrow.

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