The Top XR Immersive Automotive Innovators for 2024

Companies Exploring the Benefits of Immersive Automotive Design

The Top XR Immersive Automotive Innovators for 2024 - XR Today Market Map
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Published: April 1, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

Immersive automotive solutions give companies the ability to transform the way we interact with vehicles. Extended reality technologies can enhance safety and convenience for drivers on the road with augmented heads-up displays and drive assistance systems.  

These tools can also empower teams in the automotive landscape to work more effectively together on the design of new vehicles. Used correctly, XR technologies can enhance productivity, reduce risks in the industrial landscape, and support the creation of more innovative transportation options. 

As demand for the features of the industrial metaverse continues to grow, countless vendors are now beginning to focus on the automotive landscape. Here are just some of the companies offering immersive technologies in this sector.  

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Immersive Automotive Marketplace.

  • MakeReal 
  • Glartek 
  • VR-Vision 
  • Basemark 
  • Holoride 
  • Crosshelmet 
  • Infineon Technologies 
  • Holo-Light 

Make Real  

Focusing on immersive education and collaboration, Make Real creates augmented and virtual reality training experiences and tools that elevate team productivity. The company’s solutions leverage digital twins and virtual representations of objects and people to empower staff with new technical and soft skills. In the automotive landscape, Make Real’s technologies are helping to reduce risk and improve creativity in designing innovative new vehicles. 

With Make Real, companies can take advantage of numerous pre-built assets and simulations or work hand-in-hand with the company’s designers to develop bespoke solutions. The company has already delivered incredible results for Honda, Porsche, and Vodafone’s “Drive Safe” project.  

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For companies investing in immersive automotive solutions that improve teamwork and productivity, Glartek offers a comprehensive platform for worker connectivity. The customizable platform created by the company aims to improve frontline performance, enhancing how companies share information, and protect worker safety.  

Using the Glartek ecosystem, business leaders can manage skills, people, operations, and training opportunities in one convenient place. Augmented reality components ensure business leaders can guide employees through the steps involved in using, repairing, and managing various pieces of machinery with minimal risk. The technology can also be used for collaborative sessions when field workers need remote, visual assistance.   

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Specializing in versatile virtual reality training solutions, produces a platform that allows organizations to create, control, and monitor the results of immersive education. The Motive SDK turns 3D scenes in the automotive industry into an interactive learning environment. What’s more, the Storyflow authoring tool ensures companies can create unique training environments and open-world simulations for staff members.  

The platform enables businesses to author immersive scenarios with no code and deploy training across various devices, headsets, and platforms. What’s more, built-in analytical and reporting tools included within the ecosystem provide insights into student progress 

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Focusing on delivering enterprise-level training solutions through extended reality, VR Vision offers a full turnkey simulation development platform with LMS integration options. For immersive automotive companies, VR-Vision provides a way to offer hands-on training experiences to employees, design CGI simulations of products, and more.  

VR-Vision specializes in turnkey AR and VR solutions, which can seamlessly work across various devices and platforms. The company can assist business leaders with strategy, planning, process frameworks and design, and hardware setup. The company has already worked with leading automotive brands like Toyota on team training initiatives.    

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Specializing in the immersive automotive landscape, Basemark is investing in technology development intended to make the roads safer for pedestrians and drivers alike. The company empowers organizations to create AR applications for automotive displays, IVI screens, instrument clusters, and more, with their Rocksolid AR studio.  

With Basemark, companies can project augmented reality content onto any screen, leveraging features for AR navigation, night vision assistance, lane guidance, and more. The company also offers professional development services, working with companies like BMW to design custom extended reality experiences within vehicles.  

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Technology company Holoride specializes in retrofit solutions that can be applied to any car for in-vehicle entertainment, enhanced by extended reality. Holoride equips vehicles with a streaming solution that can be easily mounted on the windshield and connects with headsets like the HTC VIVE Flow, for immersive in-ride entertainment. 

The company also offers an extensive experience library, available on a pay-monthly basis, constantly updated with new applications. With Holoride “Creator Space,” companies, developers, artists, and enthusiasts can also build their own contextual immersive experiences, using an elastic SDK and the Holoride platform.  

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Crosshelmet is one of the few technology companies focusing on immersive automotive experiences for the motorcycle landscape. The company produces intelligent XR-enabled driver helmets, which combine the latest safety and protection features with an augmented heads-up display. This display uses both rear-view cameras and sensors to keep drivers informed on the move. 

The flagship product offered by Crosshelmet comes with a touch panel system for easy control, and a range of connectivity options. It can also integrate with smartphone technology. With this wearable, riders can benefit from a 360-degree range of vision, Bluetooth connectivity, and real-time access to critical driver data.  

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Infineon Technologies  

Best-known for its work in the semiconductor landscape, Infineon Technologies produces solutions that support the digitization and enhancement of content. The company introduced its own MEMS scanner in 2021, to help improve augmented reality experiences for heads-up displays and wearable headsets in the automotive space.   

The scanner consists of a mirror and driver, delivering insights into crucial road information instantly, with minimal power consumption. The AR solutions produced by the brand are designed to boost real-world environments with digital data in business and personal settings. Infineon also offers a variety of tools to enhance the connectivity capabilities of modern vehicles.   

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Committed to the development of enterprise-grade immersive software and technology, Holo-Light is helping to optimize engineering, product development, and collaboration in the automotive industry. The vendor’s HoloLight Space application empowers companies to create environments where employees can visualize, interact with, and collaborate on complex 3D CAD data.  

HoloLight’s cross-platform XR streaming SDK allows developers to create high-quality immersive experiences and offload the rendering process to local and cloud services. Plus, the company offers the HoloLight Hub ecosystem for centrally managing and scaling XR applications with infinite computing power and smart orchestration in the cloud.  

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