STYLY Spatial Computing Lab Lands on Apple Vision Pro

Ahead of WWDC, STYLY debut a spatial solution with major partners

STYLY Spatial Computing Lab Lands on Apple Vision Pro
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Published: June 5, 2024


Rory Greener

STYLY unveiled STYLY Spatial Computing Lab this week. This Apple Vision Pro-ready service makes the award-winning XR content creation platform available on Apple devices for the first time—just days ahead of WWDC 2024. The STYLY suite is a standard tool for creating immersive marketing campaigns that are used extensively in Japan and the US.  

STYLY is working with leading partners, including KDDI Corporation, “WIRED” Japan, and J. Front Retailing, to boost the platform’s presence on Vision Pro. Together, the firms will debut STYLY Spatial Computing Lab on April 24, 2024. 

Ryohei Watanabe, the Executive Officer/CMO/Director of STYLY Spatial Computing Lab and STYLY, added: 

With the launch of the Apple Vision Pro in February 2024, we feel that the era of spatial computing, where space becomes wearable, is finally upon us. Our platform development and creator cultivation have lowered the barriers to content delivery, facilitating connections between businesses, creators, and end-users. Now, the focus shifts to creating use cases. We look forward to exploring various contents that envision a next-generation lifestyle with our partners, setting new standards for the future.

STYLY is working with its partners to enhance research and development into new and exciting use cases for the platform and the Vision Pro. With WIRED, for example, STYLY is analysing business and tech trends to support new use cases. 

Michiaki Matsushima, Head of Editorial Content, WIRED Japan, Condé Nast Japan LLC, said that collaborating with STYLY can help “explore and implement the true impact of spatial computing. This lab promises to foster innovations and ideas that will define the next 30 years.” 

Moreover, STYLY is working with KDDI to leverage its expert understanding of XR content services and metaverse/Web3 services technology. With Front Retailing, the STYLY team can better understand crucial customer experience considerations through tangible assets, including user touch points.

Naotaka Hayashi, the Executive Officer and Director of Digital Strategy, J. Front Retailing, and Director of Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores, added:

Since 2017, we have collaborated with STYLY in the XR field, mutually anticipating the era of ‘wearing space.’ With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, this movement is gaining real momentum. Through this lab, we aim to enhance the value of space by integrating technologies such as AR and MR, exploring how to elevate the unique value of ‘LBX (Location Based Experience)’ that can only be achieved by visiting specific locations.

On the other hand, Manabu Sano, a Group Leader of the Business Development G/Smart Pass Strategy Department Personal Business Unit at the KDDI Corporation, noted that the launch of Apple Vision Pro provides the team with the “perfect opportunity” to elevate branded immersive experiences to the “next level.”

Sano also added:

We will continue to collaborate with our partners in the lab to enhance content attractiveness with new technologies and remain committed to challenging various aspects of the XR field.

STYLY Spatial Computing Lab: New Prospects and Customers

As the STYLY Spatial Computing Lab debuts, the company is opening its doors to recruit new platform partners who will find increasing use cases via production assistance and business development.

To support its deep and growing partner ecosystem, STYLY sets a support foundation covering areas vital to boosting branded XR campaigns.

The firm provides workshops that help XR developers refine and tailor XR content creation and distribution. 

Moreover, STYLY’s internal and external user experience sessions will allow budding spatial developers to build upon emerging use cases and business operations for Vision Pro, including opportunities for public demonstrations, proof-of-concept experiments, and technology showcases.

The news came after STYLY announced the expansion of its urban AR marketing and entertainment platform, which was aided by substantial funding from Mitsubishi Corporation.

This funding will allow STYLY Inc. to enhance its “spatial layer platform,” enabling brands to create and distribute immersive AR campaigns geographically located in natural urban environments and visible via smartphone or smart glasses. This financial support will allow STYLY to pursue its ambitious goal of creating large-scale immersive brand campaigns with the help of a significant business operator.

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