RLTY, Ready Player Me Partner for Avatar Interoperability

The firms are facilitating Web3 and metaverse compatibility with low-code dev experiences

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Published: March 23, 2023

Demond Cureton

Web3 firm RLTY announced on Thursday it had partnered with avatar-building platform Ready Player Me to boost interoperability for avatars and wearables.

The former’s no-code, Unity-based virtual experience creator for enterprises will integrate new and existing Ready Player Me avatars to build immersive web3 experiences.

New entrants can choose from 30 prebuilt full and half-bodied avatars from cyberpunk to professional use, RTLY said in a press statement.

Firms and customers can leverage the new collaboration to provide virtual meeting attendees with bespoke avatar experiences.

Zack Sabban, Chief Executive, RLTY, said: “This collaboration will allow users to create and customize their avatars quickly and easily for use in RLTY. With access to unique wearables and skins, brands can offer incredible metaverse experiences for their customers.”

Ready Player Me’s RLTY

RPM’s avatars can also export to over 7,000 partner apps and games for unrivalled interoperability and utility.

Additionally, users with avatar wearables from Gucci, Fendi, Nike, Adidas, and others can also port their digital assets across virtual platforms with the new system. This can include purchased or won bags, glasses, pets, jewellery, shirts, and hats, among others.

Wearables have become a massive, multi-billion dollar business for major brands seeking to build their commercial strategies for customers and communicate brand culture.

Avatars and NFT wearables are a multi-billion dollar business quickly becoming a key strategy for brands seeking new customers and alternative ways to offer existing customers a new experience and brand culture.

RLTY integrates Ready Player Me avatars for immersive experiences: PHOTO: RLTY/ Ready Player Me

RLTY’s immersive platform hosts up to 20,000 people at the same time, with each avatar viewing up to 130 others in a single perspective.

This allows massive multiplayer experiences for organisations, audiences, and spectators, offering bespoke virtual worlds with low-latency, high-performance immersive experiences. For RLTY, this has included fashion shows, major conferences, concerts, festivals, and others.

Updates on Ready Player Me Integrations

The news comes after Ready Player Me inked several partnerships with major metaverse platform providers. These have facilitated immersive events and enhanced avatar plugins for HiberWorld, RTFKT, MeetinVR, and others.

Vogue Magazine also leveraged Ready Player Me’s avatar-building platform to host its inaugural immersive fashion experience with Spatial and Polycount.

In an interview with Timmu Tõke, Chief Executive, Ready Player Me, XR Today spoke about the future of Ready Player Me’s metaverse efforts and the future of the spatial communications platform. The Tallinn-based firm also explored its partnership with Mini Royale: Nations and additional plans for future metaverse efforts.




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