Roblox Opens Immersive Ad Partner Programme at Cannes Lions

The massive Metaverse platform announced its strategic programme to grow immersive adverts on the Metaverse

Roblox Immersive Ad Programme
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Published: June 21, 2023

Demond Cureton

Roblox, a premier metaverse platform specialising in gaming and events, announced its new Immersive Ad Partner Programme on Wednesday at the Cannes Lions event.

The Programme aims to boost innovation and build a global ecosystem for immersive advertisements.

According to the San Mateo-based firm, its new partnership will also engage global communities by rallying platform advocates across its developer studio as well as global agencies, brands, and vendors.

Numerous objectives will take centre stage for the programme, including best practices for brands, global education initiatives, incentivisation, and others.

The launch has received several partners across the immersive advertising space and of whom are adopters of the Roblox ecosystem. These involve eclectic firms such as Century Games, Dubit, Playwire, Sawhorse, The Gang Group, and Vayner3.

Furthermore, Japan’s Dentsu is set to grow an additional global partnership with Roblox in the near future.

It will also provide developmental support for 3D immersive content creators to newcomers to the platform. Partners have pledged to commit to the Programme for a minimum of 12 months.

Roblox’s network of entrants on the partner network will tackle four targets for global businesses. These involve:

  • Platform Education
  • Research and Measurement
  • Product and Content Innovation
  • Immersive Ads

Furthermore, the Programme will boost companies leveraging the platform’s immersive tools to increase their presence. This will deliver greater value for Roblox users and establish brands across the Metaverse.

Those interested in the programme can find further information here.

Comments on Roblox Immersive Ad Partner Programme

Manuel Bronstein Roblox
Manuel Bronstein, Chief Product Officer, Roblox

Manuel Bronstein, Chief Product Officer, Roblox, said the programme was another step closer to its “long-term vision of building an economy.” This would empower people to “create, sell and earn on our platform.

Expanding Roblox’s partner community would also “play a key role in enabling this future,” he added.

Bronstein continued,

“The demand from brands to connect and engage with our global audience, be it through 3D immersive experiences, digital items or our new Immersive Ads products for faster on-platform content discovery, continues to grow. Our new Partner Program will support the development of new ecosystems and help us further scale brand innovation and self-serve advertising on the platform”

Additionally, Ashley McCollum, Head of Immersive Media Solutions, Roblox, explained that her company “strives to innovation across the board” and that “advertising is no exception.”

Ashley McCollum Roblox
Ashley McCollum, Head of Immersive Media Solutions, Roblox

She explained further,

“We took a page from the traditional advertising books by building a Partner Program around our new media offering, but changed the game by making it community-forward and welcoming developers alongside agencies and brands so they can partake in the growth of our Immersive Ads business”

McCollum explained that founding Roblox Partner Programme members consist of members across the advertising ecosystem and have longstanding relationships with the platform.

The executive concluded: “They will be critical to driving brand innovation forward on the platform, ultimately enabling any and all brands to have a presence on Roblox.”

Roblox’s Immersive Ad Partner Programme will also provide advanced education, training, resources, research, data, and other resources from the immersive platform. This has showcased a host of events like webinars, platform immersion days, further education training, Game Jams, bespoke programming, and much more.

Partner firms will receive equal, transparent incentivisation and pricing for Immersive Ads. Roblox will offer ad credits for ad credits, based on upfront media buy commitments, to discount clients across a company’s portfolio.

It will also involve commissions from selling Immersive Ads directly to clients in their portfolios. Additionally, partners will work to create brand metrics and community standards.

Roblox Teams Up for B3auty and Fashion

The news comes after Roblox partnered with metaverse giants Decentraland and Spatial for the mid-June Metaverse Beauty Week (MBW 2023) event. The online and real-time 3D (RT3D) event showcased immersive fashion and beauty from across the globe. Companies such as ULTA, FLANNELS, LUSH, Lottie London, and more gathered with global audiences for a five-day showcase of products, parties, classes, and games.

Attendees also bought, sold, and traded non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital assets, wearables, and other digital twins at the MBW 2023.

The House of Blueberry also tapped Roblox and Rebel Girls for a bespoke, exclusive online fashion experience in the Metaverse.

Roblox facilitated exclusive digital fashion drops, immersive games, digital content, and virtual launch parties. It will take place two days before the Rebel Girls Level Up experience on the 27 this month.

The partnership aims to promote female content creators, gamers, and XR fans, leveraging the Roblox metaverse platform. The House of Blueberry plans to host the vent at its Roblox shopping experience on Sunday, 25 June — two days before the Rebel Girls Level Up experience. The latter will open to the public on the 27th.




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