Quest 3 Growth Rates Prompts Campfire to Debut on Vision Pro

Following growth rate success on Meta Quest, Campfire to launch on Vision Pro in Fall

Quest 3 Growth Rates Prompts Campfire to Debut on Vision Pro
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Published: June 12, 2024


Rory Greener

Today, MR immersive collaboration solution provider Campfire announced the upcoming debut of its leading software for Apple Vision Pro headsets. Campfire allows remote workers to collaborate over the same 3D assets using AR/MR visualisations.

Days after WWDC 2024, Campfire’s move marks a continued interest from enterprise solution providers in supporting the spatial computing device. Campfire for Vision Pro will debut on the device’s app store during Fall 2024, and the firm will also distribute a preview version on request.

Moreover, Campfire is already available on iPads, leveraging onboard AR functionalities. The service is also available on Macs as a desktop version. Regardless of the device, workers can collaborate on 3D designs, interacting and working simultaneously.

Jay Wright, Campfire CEO and Co-Founder noted that with the firm’s solution, “companies can finally share 3D models as easily as 2D documents to realize productivity gains that have remained elusive with previous technologies.”

Campfire’s soon-to-be launch on Vision Pro comes after foremost business leaders such as Raytheon, Collins Aerospace, KTM, PepsiCo, Harvard University, and Arup adopted its immersive collaboration workflows. Campfire helps teams save time and money in fields ranging from construction to education and consumer products.

Fueled by Meta Quest 3 Success

The news of Campfire launching on the Vision Pro comes after the firm experienced an upward user growth rate following its Meta Quest 3 support.

Jay Wright also added:

Spatial collaboration is a disruptive capability that has been promised and not delivered for too long. Meta’s Quest 3 has defined an inflection point for headset adoption in the enterprise, and customers are excited about what’s possible with Apple Vision Pro.

Campfire notes that its customer base grew more than fifty times after it launched the Meta Store. With Vision Pro attempting to claim the productivity throne, attention should be drawn away from Meta’s success and focus on the market.

With Connect 2024 approaching, Meta is poised to announce more XR updates. Already, Meta is openly working on educational products ready for later in the year, and there are further rumours of a more accessible “Lite” edition of the most recent Meta headset—potentially leading to further growth.

Campfire notes that the growth rate of its MR application on Meta Quest 3 showcases an overwhelming demand for virtual collaboration on the Meta portfolio, highlighting a solid competition between Apple and Meta’s enterprise usability. Outside of the headline stealers, other enterprise vendors like Lenovo, PICO, and HTC VIVE all play a role in developing a healthy market.

Anthony Cortez, a Lead Visualization Specialist at ARUP, also added:

We’ve been building our own apps for AR and VR headsets for years, but there’s still too much friction getting users into headsets and building custom apps. Campfire and Quest 3 reduces friction on both fronts. We can now show clients our work without writing a line of code and users are far more comfortable with Quest 3 because of passthrough.

Apple Vision Pro International Pre Orders Open this Month

The news follows Apple’s recent announcements about its new Vision Pro. During WWDC 2024, Apple unveiled VisionOS 2, the latest version of its spatial computing operating system, and announced the Vision Pro’s international availability.

After several beta testing stages, the visionOS update is now available for Vision Pro users. Apple plans to release the update this fall, free for all users.

Although Apple has not disclosed all the new features of visionOS 2, the company is highlighting new tools for 3D spatial recordings, new hand gestures for the Home View space, Mac Virtual Display optimization, Travel Mode, and Guest User updates.

Furthermore, Apple has announced that the Vision Pro will be available for pre-order in eight new regions globally this month. The release will enable selected areas to access the device by early next month.

Pre-orders for China (mainland, 24,502 CNY), Japan (484,415 JPY), and Singapore (4,725 SGD) start this Thursday, June 13, at 6 p.m. PT; with Apple planning to release the product Friday, June 28. Apple is also opening pre-orders for Australia (5,195 AUD), Canada (4,725 CAD), France (3,245 EUR), Germany (3,245 EUR), and the United Kingdom (2,785 GBP) regions later this month on Friday, June 28, at 5 a.m. PT; with general availability starting on Friday, July 12.

The product includes additional accessories: a solo knit band, a dual loop band, a personalized light seal with two light seal cushions, an Apple Vision Pro cover, a polishing cloth, a battery, a USB-C charge cable, and a USB-C power adapter. In addition, the package includes ZEISS Optical Prescription inserts that improve clarity.

Fresh Enterprise APIs for Vision Pro

Campfire’s debut on the Vison Pro comes at the perfect time, as Apple also unveiled new spatial computing enterprise APIs to assist developers in distributing workplace services on the device.

Apple has upgraded its Vision Pro enterprise API, improving sensor access and visual capabilities. The upgrade includes opening access to the device’s primary camera for enhanced capture and streaming between Vision Pro users and introducing a spatial barcode and QR code scanning framework. This upgrade will allow for improved video feeds, better remote communications, and easy scanning of barcodes and QR codes for immersive experiences and location-based content.

Additionally, the update supports the integration of Apple Neural Engine, enhancing machine learning processes on Vision Pro. Furthermore, Vision Pro now boasts improved object-tracking capabilities for better content interaction and streaming, enabling enterprise users to customize application performance for intensive workloads.

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