Nreal Launches Global Developer Kit Rollout

Rory Greener

The Chinese Startup is Releasing Developer Kits Complete with Enhanced Features

Nreal Spatial Analysis
Nreal Launches Global Developer Kit Rollout

Chinese virtual reality (VR) firm Nreal recently announced on Twitter its first developer model: the Nreal Light Development Kit (NLDK), which is officially ready for purchase.

The Beijing-based firm has already shipped models to customers who have pre-booked the product.

The developer kit’s global rollout also puts new tools in the hands of MR developers which were unreleased in previous consumer models.

Nreal’s development kit runs on Nreal Light hardware, which tethers smartglass headsets to a computer, compared to other builds which typically connect to smartphones.

Developers ordering the kits receive smartglasses, a computing unit, and a detachable controller along with a selection of MR software development tools.

Unique functionalities of the NLDK include root permission, user debug, and personalized OTA updates.

Additionally, all consumer-grade features will roll over to the development kit, but will lose touchscreen input support and functionality.

The company is also officially supporting Spatial’s mixed reality (MR) collaboration and meeting software, which allows users to collaborate on Nreal Light hardware using Spatial’s advanced MR space to switch between 2D and 3D content in real time.

Ex-Magic Leap software engineer Dr Xu Chi founded the firm in 2017 and since then, the startup has been producing consumer MR smartglasses and ‘Nebula’ 3D user interface (UI) system.

Entering the US Market

The developments come after Nreal successfully secured $15 million in funding after impressing attendees at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

XR Today later reported Nreal had entered a multi-year legal battle with Epic Games over an intellectual property dispute, making it difficult for the Chinese startup to expand into US territories.

Despite this, the rollout is available for US developers, and even though Nreal is fighting in the courtroom, the availability of its developer model suggests a long-awaited US debut.

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