Michigan University, GigXR Build XR Medical Trainer

The university and immersive 3D training firm have teamed up to improve patient care with XR-based solutions

University of Michigan to Develop XR Medical Training
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Published: December 9, 2021


Rory Greener

This month, the University of Michigan and GigXR, a global provider of extended reality (XR) healthcare training solutions, partnered to create the ‘XR Procedure Training Suite’ medical training hub.

The training suite uses digital humans as patients, displays informative user interface (UI) pop-ups, and instructs medical students with interactive, lifelike, and immersive procedures.

GigXR’s solution is suitable for medical students and existing physicians looking to refresh their skills and take part in XR learning scenarios to improve their diagnostic, surgical, and communication skills.

Digital learning scenarios include taking vitals, listening to a patient’s lungs, comparing X-rays or CT scans, ultrasound reading, and much more. Instructors can also introduce real-time medical complications such as deteriorating vitals, punctured vessels, vomiting, and bleeding.

Dr Mark Cohen, Professor of Surgery, Pharmacology, and Biomedical Engineering at Michigan Medicine, the University of Michigan, explained:

“Mixed reality places the holographic patient right in front of the learner to visualise critical techniques, such as aspirating an abscess and line placement, while still maintaining the collaborative, hands-on experience of standing around the patient with other learners”

The XR Procedure Training Suite is available on Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, Apple iOS, and Android smartphones. Teachers can easily access training scenarios by scanning a QR code to enter shared immersive environments, allowing quick and easily upscaled training experiences for multiple students.

David King Lassman, CEO at GigXR, added “the University of Michigan’s medical students and resident trainees will only further prepare its elite future medical force.”

HoloHuman, HolopPatient

GigXR provides immersive learning solutions designed to improve the performance of medical students in educational and professional environments across the world.

The XR products on offer include: HoloHuman and HoloPatient.

The Los Angeles-based firm provides its digital learning tools to medical schools and hospitals, which higher education institutions and the US Department of Defense (US DoD) have adopted.

HoloHuman is an immersive learning tool that enables medical students to get up close and personal with a dissectible, highly active, and interactive virtual human body to analyse its inner workings.

Also, GigXR’s HoloPatient training platform uses volumetric video technology to create highly realistic 3D digital humans to improve learner communication and clinical reasoning skills.



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