Meta to Terminate Quest 1 Support for New Apps Next Month

Tuesday, April 30 is the last day developers can upload new apps for Quest 1 to the Meta Store

Meta to Terminate Quest 1 Support for New Apps Next Month
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Published: April 1, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

Charlie Mitchell

Meta will stop its support for new apps on the original Meta Quest headset from Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

After, developers will not be able to upload new apps and updates for Quest 1 to the Meta Store.

Indeed, Meta will block the attempts those developers make to continue supporting users of their legacy headset.

In making this move, Meta aims to focus its support and give full attention to the Meta Quest 2 and Pro variants.

The tech giant first revealed plans to dial back on the original Meta Quest headset in January 2023 – and this is the next step within that process.

Sharing the announcement in an email to developers, Meta wrote:

“Beginning on April 30, 2024, we will discontinue support for new Quest 1 apps. This means that new apps created after this date cannot list Quest 1 as supported hardware:

  • You will not be able to upload builds for new apps that only support Quest 1
  • Builds for new apps that support other Quest devices along with Quest 1 will be able to be uploaded, but Quest 1 support will be blocked
  • New apps will not be listed in the catalog of Quest 1 apps in the Meta Store
  • Quest 1 users will not be able to search or purchase new apps created after April 30, 2024.”

However, Meta has promised to maintain the system software, fix critical bugs, and apply security patches until August 31, 2024.

In doing so, Meta lowers the risk of those who continue to use the headset – first released less than five years ago – succumbing to new security threats.

Finally, the firm has previously stressed that Quest 1 isn’t shutting down completely and that users will keep full access to their existing apps and games.

The Upgrade Options

Meta fans ready to upgrade their headset may consider the Meta Quest 3, which launched in October 2023.

Available in two storage sizes – 128GB and 512GB – the headset is “the first mainstream mixed-reality headset” – according to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta.

He also claims it’s the “most powerful headset we have ever shipped”, leveraging a 4K resolution “Infinite Display” and Snapdragon XR2 Gen2 chipset.

Notably, the MR headset also has no wires, battery packs, or console to plug into.

Moreover, it utilizes hand-tracking inputs to interact with immersive applications but doesn’t support eye-tracking.

On launch, the Quest 3 128GB model cost $499.9, and the 512GB model cost $649.99.

Those costs are considerably lower than the $1,499 price point that Meta dropped for the Meta Quest Pro in October 2022. Although, that has several unique features, such as eye-tracking.

To dive deeper into how the Quest 3 offering weighs up against the Quest 2 and Pro model, check out our article: Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 2: Which is Best?

The Meta Quest: Beyond the Consumer

The Meta Quest headsets chiefly target consumers. However, Meta has marketed the Quest 3 – alongside Quest 2 and Pro – as part of its “Meta Quest for Business” platform.

That indicates that these devices will soon come with more workplace applications.

Already, the use cases for MR headset are starting to snowball. The following articles share some excellent examples:


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