Matterport Releases Digital Twin Solution for Android

The firm's EMEA MD revealed its Matterport for Mobile launch to grow a massive global user base

Matterport Releases Digital Twin Solution for Android
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Published: November 1, 2021


Rory Greener

Spatial data company Matterport announced last week it was extending availability of its digital twin capture solution to global Android smartphone users.

Matterport for Mobile is available for free on the Google Play store to reach roughly 6 billion active global smartphone users and promote democratised digitalisation, the company said, adding smartphone users could instantly create accurate digital twins of buildings and spaces without expensive hardware.

XR Today spoke with James Morris-Manuel, EMEA Managing Director of Matterport, to learn more about Matterport for Mobile, its global expansion, and aim to empower small businesses.

XR Today: How is the rollout going, and what are your thoughts on Matterport for Mobile’s release on Android devices?

James Morris-Manuel: We are super excited about the rollout on Android and this is a big step forward in Matterport’s mission to democratise the capturing of digital twins.

There are roughly 6 billion smartphone users in the world, meaning that there are that many capture devices in people’s pockets, and they can just readily go out to capture digital twins of their home office, whatever they like, and start for free.

The other very nice piece about this launch [is that] it’s not just, “Oh, they’ve got the ability to capture [content] using that phone.”

Our entry-level plan is free, you get your first model for free, and you can create your first digital twin for free. All of a sudden, the barrier to entry for people to create digital twins is at the lowest it’s ever been.

XR Today: Matterport for Mobile’s availability on Android devices allows you to push for certain targeted regions. Which developments has your company found?

James Morris-Manuel: Straight off the bat, we launched in 12 languages, which is a big step. The thing that’s lovely about this launch is that it is using the device that’s already in your pocket, meaning we can grow into new geographies as we’re already in 175 countries.

But now, all you have to do is use the phone in your pocket. It is easier for Matterport to service customers in countries who don’t need to buy hardware, but can just use their phone and off they go.

We obviously sell our Pro Two product in a number of countries, but by leveraging the power of personal mobiles [people] already own, we can go a lot further afield and much faster to again, democratise the way people capture digital twins.

XR Today: How good of a tool is Matterport for Mobile for small businesses and why?

James Morris-Manuel: One of the best use cases is to help companies reopen their business safely, and capture and share businesses in an immersive 3D digital twin to define successful post-pandemic layouts, such as defining whether there is the right level of social distance between desks.

You could also publish your space to Google Streetview to increase traffic to your business, and can also use it to communicate to internal teams. Another key takeaway is to capture increased bookings and occupancy rates on rental properties to capture and promote a rental property in 3D.

You can perform this on, VRBO, and a number of other popular sites, and it helps your property stand out on the ground. So, you can just go in, capture the property and upload it straight onto those booking platforms.



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