LAMINA1, Crucible Launch Pathfinder XR Programme

LAMINA1 has picked Crucible as its preferred SDK for training future generations of metaverse builders

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Published: September 28, 2023

Demond Cureton

Metaverse firms Crucible and LAMINA1 have kicked off their Pathfinders programme to support and back creatives in their metaverse projects.

For the month-long programme, entrants can leverage Crucible’s Emergence software developer kit (SDK), which incorporates blockchain technologies from LAMINA1’s toolkit.

The programme will launch on 1 October and offer a host of activities like game developer workshops, joint quests, competitions, and many others.

Attendees at the event can also test out playable experiences named Spaces at the LAMINA1 Hub and access digital assets for open metaverse development.

Those interested in more information can join LAMINA1 and Open Meta‘s Discord channels for the Pathfinders: Open Metaverse Discovery Month.

From Pathfinders to Trailblazers

For the programme, the companies have highlighted the use of Crucible’s Emergence SDK as LAMINA1’s preferred kit for building open metaverse experiences.

These will leverage the power of world-class gaming engines from Unity Technologies and Epic Games‘ Unreal Engine. While there, developers can access VRM avatars, blockchain assets and interactions, and community support from over 50,000 developers.

According to the metaverse firms, Pathfinders Discovery Month will include the following:

  • Hands-on workshops, where developers can join their immersive experiences with the LAMINA1 blockchain, Unity and Unreal, and many other tools. Workshops will take place on 25 October for Unity developers and 26 October for Unreal fans, hosted on the Open Meta Discord at 16:00 UTC
  • Rewards for joining Pathfinder Discovery Month initiatives along with creator competitions, campaign amplification efforts, and other challenges.
  • Emergence’s plug-and-play Web3 toolkits and features allow developers to remove barriers to creating stellar immersive experiences and creator-driven metaverses.

Comments on Pathfinder Programme

Ryan Gill, Founder, Crucible, stated that LAMINA1 had been a “leader in establishing a vision for an Open Metaverse that’s open and inclusive.”

He continued,

“We’ve been hard at work building the infrastructure to make it easy for game developers to easily create web3 experiences. Now, it’s time for our communities to begin experimenting and prototyping the future”

Aleissia Laidacker, Head of Product and Technology, Crucible, added that her enterprise’s main focus for the Emergence platform was to “make it easy to tap into the utility of blockchains such as LAMINA1.”

She said: “Now that our integration is complete, we’re excited to see what game developers create using this full suite of tools.”

Gordon Mattey, Chief Product Officer, LAMINA1, continued that both enterprises were “leaders in their fields” for developing “the tools and infrastructure for the Open Metaverse.”

He concluded,

“Emergence is a toolkit for game developers that lets them easily integrate Web3 features, including VRM avatars, on-chain inventory, and read/write to the L1 blockchain, while LAMINA1 is building the core infrastructure to allow for an equitable and open metaverse that empowers communities, developers, and creators”

Building the Metaverse, Step by Step

The news comes after XR Today interviewed Gill and Laidacker on the Emergence SDK. Both executives revealed the challenges and solutions posed towards Web3 technologies.

At the time, they explained how the SDK would allow gamers to rapidly build their experiences using the provided gaming engines and tools.

With the new tool, Emergence could access digital assets, build players, and utilise Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-backed chains “in less than 10 minutes.”

Gill said at the time: “We’re helping to make the gaming industry more open, with more options for both developers and players. We’re doing so by providing easy access to previously difficult technologies to work with.”

In a separate interview, Rebecca Barkin, Chief Executive, LAMINA1, explained that in January this year, her company had launched its Testnet and subsequent beta trial in the summer.

Its community of roughly 45,000 metaverse builders along with LAMINA1’s early access partners had been “instrumental” in developing the platform’s core features and user experiences.

The Web3 technology firm also partnered with HTC VIVE, Croquet, Qualcomm Technologies, Mira, Interverse, and many others to build next-generational metaverse infrastructure and tech ecosystems for firms.

Barkin explained: “We’re all part of a fiercely passionate collective advocating for a more open, immersive world where individuals — both creatives and consumers — can enjoy both privacy and prosperity as they move through it.”

Metaverse pioneer Neal Stephenson serves as the Co-Founder of LAMINA1’s world-class team. He is the author of Snow Crash and first coined the term metaverse in the groundbreaking novel.




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