INVNT GROUP Highlights ‘Fallen Gravity’ Web3/NFT Brand-Building Success Story

How INVNT GROUP helped artist Mad Dog Jones engage with his audience using innovative marketing campaign technology

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INVNT GROUP Highlights ‘Fallen Gravity’ Web3NFT Brand-Building Success Story - XR Today News
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Published: June 19, 2024


Rory Greener

Digital innovation and Web3 agency INVNT GROUP recently collaborated with artist Michah Dowbak, also known as Mad Dog Jones, on a marketing success story showcasing how NFT and Web3 brand-building exercises lead to new audience connections, engagement, and value.

“Fallen Gravity represents the endless possibilities in this new era of storytelling,” noted Scott Cullather, President & CEO of INVNT GROUP and CEO of INVNT.ATOM.

INVNT GROUP boosted Mad Dog Jones’ brand through a unique marketing campaign, allowing audiences to leave their mark on the stars with an NFT-linked customizable message in the stars.

INVNT GROUP, alongside project partners Artemis Music Entertainment and Nifty Gateway, produced the brand-building “once-in-a-lifetime multimedia experience,” says Cullather, that enabled fan engagements via a unique combination of art, music, and technology.

This campaign gauged the interest of Web3 and Blockchain enthusiasts, NFT communities, and general audiences who may adopt these emerging customer-facing technologies for the first time.

About The Fallen Gravity NFT Collection

“Fallen Gravity is about drifting into the unknown, there’s a scientific mastery and human passion interwoven in the art and music created from the cosmos, which represent timeless wonder and dreams of discovery,” Mad Dog Jones remarked.

Mad Dog Jones dropped the Fallen Gravity NFT collection in April, accessible via the Nifty Gateway marketplace, giving audiences three unique avenues to mint exclusive animated artworks, prints, and NFTs.

Fallen Gravity contained 500 unique NFTs, each featuring a distinct snapshot of the sky mapped to a specific time, date, and location informed by the orbital position of the International Space Station.

The NFT-linked snapshots also capture historical skies from 1988 to the present year, 2024, while offering a forward-looking perspective of what the sky will look like up to the station’s expected decommission year, 2030.

Moreover, INVNT GROUP produced an exciting new engagement strategy via the final NFT drop, ‘Unknowable Dimensions,’ allowing 500 collectors to mint a ‘one-of-a-kind’ NFT containing a unique Star Song.

A Star Song converts astronomical images into audible music based on star characteristics.

Bob Richards, the Co-Founder of Artemis Music Entertainment, noted that the Fallen Gravity collection “represents the essence of why we created Artemis Music – to inspire and enable artists to create new works through meaningful connections to space and the stars, celebrated through digital space missions that are accessible for anyone.”

Moreover, Richards highlighted how Mad Dog Jones’ Fallen Gravity collection also honors “the legacy of the International Space Station – perhaps the most magnificent technical and socially unifying creation of humanity.”

A Deep Dive on How Brands Can Leverage Web3, NFTs

Web3, NFT marketing campaigns present an exciting new opportunity for brands, and INVNT GROUP is helping brands discover the value of the space today.

Web3/NFT avenue doesn’t only land potential increased revenue streams; the emerging technology also presents new investment opportunities, including increased customer engagement and enhanced brand-building.

Callum Smith, Director of Account Services, EMEA INVNT.ATOM noted how brands should think about a considered approach to NFT/Web3 marketing campaigns so that investing in such an opportunity produces positive results.

Smith also said that “one of the things brands should examine is the loyalty element,” adding how a brand simultaneously transacts with its audience is crucial. Smith remarked:

“It was all great for Mad Dog Jones in building his personal brand; it worked extremely well; we had over 3 1/2 thousand people watching and interacting at the same time.”

Smith also recommended that brands wishing to successfully understand and leverage a Web3/NFT campaign should “understand the detailed nuances of their community and have a deep dive into who a brand’s community is.”

For example, a brand’s or artist’s loyal followers may be Web3/NFT natives who already understand the technology and how to use it, or perhaps the brand’s core audience are not native to the world of Web3, however have the potential to engage with it through projects that align to their core values..

Conversely, an audience may be less knowledgeable about the emerging space. So, to improve a business’s performance during a Web3 campaign, a firm must first engage with its audiences and understand the hurdles or considerations that must be answered before launching a targeted campaign.

Moreover, much like the broader immersive/XR technology landscape, for a vendor, end-user, or solutions provider to successfully push the adoption of any emerging technology, one must consider the human element at play and how to properly introduce new adopters to new technology.

Smith reflected on the success of the Fallen Gravity campaign from an audience engagement and brand-satisfaction perspective by stating a contributing factor is meeting a client on their journey.

Smith added:

When talking to brands, one of our focuses is coming away from some terminology, such as NFTs, the metaverse, and Web3, and just speaking in their language – using language they understand. In time, that helps the understanding of those brands that want to move into the world of Web3 and then slowly start to adopt it.

The NFT and Web3 space is set to skyrocket. In time, a broader understanding of technology will support brands in taking a forward-thinking approach to marketing campaigns.

To learn more about INVNT GROUP, check out their website.

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