Introducing XR Today: Your Complete Resource for Extended Reality 

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Introducing XR Today: Your Complete Resource for Extended Reality 

With a market value expected to hit a staggering USD 18 billion by 2023, it’s clear to see that extended reality, or XR, technologies will play a huge role in our futures. While the XR for the enterprise market is still very much in its formative stages, we’re already seeing the rising demand for these technologies influencing virtually every industry. 

In the retail sector, businesses turn to AR applications to connect with consumers on a deeper level. In the communications landscape, VR promises a new way for employees to share experiences in a new environment. And in the corporate space, these cutting-edge tools are being used to reshape how industries train their staff, engage with their customers, drive-down costs, increase productivity, and drastically enhance performance on multiple levels.  

As technologies in these “extended reality” environments continue to evolve, the opportunities for true transformation are endless. Soon, we’ll be living in a world where virtual headsets are as common as video conferencing when collaborating on a project. Augmented reality could be a natural part of the training process, and holographic projections might even change the way that human beings connect. That’s why we’re introducing a blog to keep track of it all. 

Your Guide to XR Today is the new extended reality website created by the UC Today team. 

In recent years, we have reported on new and emerging technologies with delight and dedication. However, we believe the rapidly growing presence of Augmented, Virtual reality and Mixed Reality solutions in business is now too large to cover in a single segment of a UC website. XR insights need their own home.  

Fortunately for you, our new extended reality news and blog website,, will highlight everything you need to know about the ever-changing realities that we experience every day. We’ll be introducing you to all of the incredible ways that augmented, mixed, and virtual realities are changing the way that we live and work. XR is already a valuable element in the modern business communications landscape, with countless communication and collaboration vendors investing in new tech. 

In, we’ll be covering all angles in this area. We’ll guide you through the latest strategies, news, insights, and analytics. We’ll also give you a complete overview of customer use cases and events. Just like on, we’ll also be hosting annual events, which you can read all about in our media kit.  

If your company is involved in the XR environment, we encourage you to reach out and get a copy of our media kit for yourself.  

Get Involved in a New Reality 

Extended reality solutions have never been more valuable to modern businesses. As the world of work continues to evolve, and people search for more meaningful interactions in a digital landscape, AR and VR are essential. We think it’s time that this technology gets a focused website of its own. 

With XR Today, you’ll have complete access to all the information you need about alternative realities, including special features, informative guides, video-first interviews, and even virtual events. Check out our new website today at and join us on this incredible new journey into a new world of interactions.  

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