Draw & Code and 302 Interactive Debut XR Marketing Platform at AWE 2024

FanPort debuts, leverages past major brand experience to drive customer engagement

Draw & Code and 302 Interactive Debut XR Marketing Platform at AWE 2024
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Published: June 18, 2024


Rory Greener

This week at AWE 2024, Draw & Code and 302 Interactive are introducing a new immersive solution called FanPort, an MR brand engagement platform. Fanport leverages the technologies that come with leading MR headsets, such as dynamic graphics and spatial audio, to create immersive experiences that connect brands and fans together.  

John Keefe, the CTO and Co-Founder of Draw & Code, added: 

We first conceived the idea of FanPort at AWE 10 years ago, and after a conversation with 302 Interactive three years ago, we began to envision the ways that FanPort could bring immersive technology and modifiable experiences to venues around the globe. From education to the arts and entertainment, this groundbreaking new platform provides brands with solutions that transport audiences into their world. With the launch of FanPort at this year’s Augmented World Expo, our vision is finally coming full circle.

The team is showcasing the FanPort platform during AWE 2024, allowing attendees to understand the scope of integrating the framework into a marketing campaign. Also, at AWE, the event provides a deep lineup of other leading XR firms which display the latest XR technologies and showcase how businesses can leverage these technologies today.

Dynamic MR Marketing

FanPort provides marketing groups with dynamic and customisable experiences ready for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) spaces, such as sports venues, museums, retail centres, and themed attractions. The services leverage LED screens and MR headset displays together in order to enable shared immersive experiences within a chosen location.

302 Interactive and Draw & Code note that the FanPort platform provides an accessible avenue for brands to understand and leverage emerging MR marketing campaigns. XR marketing campaigns can provide brands with an incredibly fruitful opportunity for brands to understand their audiences and interests.

Immersive brand campaigns are important as the avenue encourages audiences to engage with a marketing campaign more than traditional methods. Similarly, AR-lite features such as branded face filters allow for audiences to engage and understand a brand’s values naturally via users’ inputs.

Kyle Morand, the CEO of 302 Interactive, added:

By serving as the first development partner for FanPort alongside Draw & Code, we are helping to make high-quality immersive experience more accessible. FanPort gives brands and entertainment centers the opportunity to take XR technology, previously only found in the large theme parks, and create immersive experiences that can exist anywhere and everywhere.

Following a decade of collaboration, 302 Interactive and Draw & Code developed the FanPort solution, following experiences working closely with international brands. The duo has previously worked with firms such as Mercedes and Philips to create engaging location-based immersive experiences.  

The future of marketing has various stakes in XR, with firms like STYLY and others attempting to create a platform for location-based immersive experiences and with smart glasses providing a future which could see headsets supporting outdoor usage; the immersive advertising layer could become a valuable company asset.

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