DigiLens, Mitsubishi to Produce Affordable Plastic XR Lens

Rory Greener

The Technology Innovators Have Announced a New Smart Lens Solution for XR Headsets

DigiLens, Mitsubishi to Produce Affordable Plastic XR Lens

Digilens have announced the launch of a unique plastic extended reality (XR) lens for consumer and enterprise use.

The plastic solution comes at a reduced cost and weight, but the lens are 27 percent thicker than similar glass optics – though still sharing the same functionalities of its glass counterparts.

The California-based technology firm chose Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC) to help scale and deliver the affordable lenses to a range of sectors. The renowned chemical industry group are the perfect partners to help mass-produce plastic lens for industry-grade lightweight XR headsets.

According to a DigiLens press release, CEO Chris Pickett said:

“With a powerhouse like MCC on board, it allows us to deliver the very best, most affordable, safest and lightest waveguides on the market today”

Focused on the XR Market

Digilens wants to distribute its innovation across the XR market, and the firm believes the technology can accelerate the XR ecosystem due to its cheap, quick production cycle.

Digilens are “laser focused on accelerating the development of the smartglasses across the entire ecosystem,” according to Johei Takimoto, Managing Executive Officer of MCC, who adds MCC was giving “full attention and support to deliver on this key initiative.”

The news comes after Digilens released in May its Design v1, a developer platform for enterprise partners seeking to customise aspects of the smart-lens framework to suit their individual needs.

According to Pickett, plastic lens will arrive “within the next couple years” with predicted low costs and a new developer platform, Digilens is creating a strong foundation to efficiently scale XR to a large workforce when necessary.

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