Big XR News from ARuVR, Meta, and Microsoft Hololens

In the New Year, and ahead of CES, the XR industry is already building to a transformative year

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Last Edited: January 5, 2023


Rory Greener

2023 looks to be a transformative year for extended reality (XR) technology and the companies working within the emerging space.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 is just around the corner, and many major XR firms are ready at the wings with new XR hardware.

Historically, CES is where technology innovators and thought leaders gather to discuss and build the solutions of tomorrow.

The event is a perfect showcase for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) solutions which cover a range of vertical markets like healthcare, industry, and manufacturing.

In the wake of the new year and CES 2023, many major XR firms made moves to establish themselves as leading immersive brands.

ARuVR: Immersive Learning Solutions Provider Reflects on its Achievements in XR

Last week, London-based immersive learning solutions provider ARuVR reflected on a successful 2022 growth rate of over 320 percent.

The turnkey AR and VR Software-as-a-Solution firm experienced growth due to a rapid convergence of customer needs and technological advancements.

The growth rate enables ARuVR to scale research and development (R&D) into its enterprise-grade XR learning platform.

Moreover, the firm’s products allow employees to leverage low-latency remote collaboration tools accessible from anywhere in the world—the firm leverages unicast, multicast, and omnicast broadcasting.

As 2023 continues, ARuVR is building a solid team of employees, providing an expanding client list with bespoke immersive learning applications.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg Defends XR Acquisition Against the FTC

In December, the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, entered a Californian court following a long-standing investigation by the federal trade commission (FTC).

The FTC is investigating the Quest VR headset designers, stemming from the Menlo Park-based firm’s acquisition of the immersive fitness application Within.

Meta first attempted to buy Within for roughly $440 million in 2021. The FTC believes that the acquisition breaches anticompetitive conduct.

In July, the FTC voted 3-2, allowing staff to issue a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction that suspended the Within purchase.

The FTC believes that due to Meta’s ownership of the fitness application Beatsaber, the Within purchase proves Meta is buying its competition.

Amidst the accusations, the FTC said that Meta is choosing to “buy market position instead of earning it on the merits”, meaning the acquisition is “illegal.”

Zuckerberg explained how Meta focuses on gaming, social interaction productivity, and other use cases. He also explained that while VR fitness is vital to the company, the area is not core to Meta’s expansion.

Is the Hololens 3 Coming Next Year?

Moreover, technology giant Microsoft plans to reestablish its MR market foothold in 2023.

Following a rocky 2022 for its Hololens device, the firm is improving the Hololens’ display, tracking, sensors, and battery life for a third iteration.

In a blog post, Microsoft’s Vice President of MR, Scott Evans, alluded to a new headset iteration. The VP explained how the Hololens 3 device would arrive when the technology was ready.

Notably, the Hololens 2, while remaining a trusted enterprise immersive tool, faced hurdles throughout the year. In June, Microsoft’s ex-head of Hololens and MR Alex Kipman, resigned due to unethical behaviour.

Kipman’s departure led to Microsoft reshuffling its immersive technology development infrastructure. The firm also debuted the Office Suite as an immersive application on the Meta Quest Pro as part of Connect 2022. On that note, the Hololens R&D team faced losses when many of its core designers jumped ship to Meta across 2022.

Despite setbacks, Microsoft looks to establish the Hololens as a core front-line immersive tool.

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