AWS Highlight Apple Vision Pro Spatial Computing Developer Tools

Amazon Web Services continues its commitment to Vision Pro developers

AWS Highlight Apple Vision Pro Spatial Computing Developer Tools
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Published: February 15, 2024


Rory Greener

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is working to support developers in creating spatial applications on the recently released Vision Pro. Starting in October of last year, AWS more recently highlighted how XR/spatial computing developers could leverage its Amplify backend solution to support the deployment of visionOS applications and improve the user experience.

AWS explains how its clients can leverage Amplify to start developing Vision Pro services more efficiently. By doing so, a developer’s XR application can benefit from AWS’ APIs, including log-in services, cloud storage/download of 3D assets, and “query-associated metadata.”

The AWS tools are ready for use alongside Apple’s Xcode framework for creating spatial applications, and the firm’s deep dive explains in detail how to combine the powerful developer resources.

Vision Pro and AWS

AWS originally released its visionOS developer tools in line with Apple’s debut of its developer Vision Pro pre-release OS last year – allowing AWS spatial computing developers to get a head start, the firm remarked at the time.

The firm explains that many challenges come with balancing performance and user experience on a mobile XR device; however, AWS claims its framework can help in many ways.

AWS notes that its services can help with dynamic content distribution by streamlining smaller application downloads, install speeds, launch speeds, and update procedures. Moreover, on the content storage side, AWS provides data storage services to ensure a “seamless experience” when accessing content regardless of the device.

On the data and security side, machine learning tools from AWS ensure that large data sets run smoothly on a mobile XR device. AWS also provides ‘Identity and Federation’ services to ensure secure user data and account functionalities.

The AWS Industrial Metaverse

“Industrial Metaverse” refers to using immersive multi-user digital solutions (such as VR/AR/MR) to support various workplace needs, including remote collaboration, design processes, and training. These solutions could include first and third-party XR-related services that leverage digital twins, immersive spaces, AR guidance, and simulation features.

AWS entered this space to expand its immersive product portfolio and become a leading provider in the XR industry by 2024. To achieve this, AWS is building its spatial computing portfolio to help improve decision-making, facilitate collaboration, and enable remote maintenance.

Currently, AWS offers two primary first-party spatial computing solutions for enterprises on the cloud.

The first is AWS IoT TwinMaker, which streamlines digital twin content creation, assisting customers in designing digital representations of large-scale assets such as factories, production lines, or smaller objects like industrial equipment.

AWS IoT TwinMaker supports customers using pre-existing data on the cloud and from multiple sources to optimize digital twin content creation. The service lets clients attach critical data, unifying valuable real-world data with accessible digital twins.

Many enterprise clients already use AWS IoT TwinMaker, including Invista, Carrier, and John Holland. AWS is updating the service to attract more end-users to pick up the product.

The second solution is SimSpace Weaver, which allows customers to create custom immersive spaces and simulations. Using AWS’ existing cloud infrastructure, SimSpace Weaver can simulate large-scale environments like cities with crowds.

AWS also offers partner solutions as part of its industrial Metaverse portfolio, such as Mytaverse, SURREAL, and PREVU3D services. Amazon and AWS plan to significantly expand their industrial Metaverse solutions by 2024. If successful, the firm could become a leader in the market based on its previous standing as a digital workplace solutions provider.

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