ARRI Opens State of the Art Mixed Reality Film Studio

Rory Greener
Rory Greener

Europe's Largest Mixed Reality Film Studio Opens in London

ARRI Opens State of the Art Mixed Reality Film Studio

German industry leaders in film production equipment, The ARRI Group, have opened Europe’s largest mixed reality (MR) studio in West London in partnership with Creative Technology (CT) and NEP Live Events. 

ARRI has been providing the highest quality camera, lighting and post-production equipment since the 1920s and continue to innovate three years ahead of its 100th anniversary of the company’s first 35mm camera, The Kinarri 35.  

Based out of Crawley, West Sussex, CT produces walls of light emitting diodes (LEDs) for the events sector and have moved onto producing immersive experiences for broadcasts, sports, corporate events, and other media sectors.

CT has also partnered with ARRI to install a 343 square-metre LED wall using 3D server playback systems and camera tracking technologies, with displays offering jaw-dropping visuals on a large scale. 

Replacing conventional green-screens, the high-resolution LED walls add a new layer of depth to set environments and can present new possibilities for in-camera visual effects. 

Additional filming kits such as camera and lighting packages are all available, on site, from ARRI Rental, who are providing an amazing immersive experience for film production firms to jump on to.

New Solutions for Brands

The newly-formed ARRI Solutions Group look to support MR production in the future by building working relationships with enterprises to produce the best in cinematic and broadcast solutions.

Stephan Schenk, ARRI General Manager of Global Sales & Solutions, explains ARRI’s commitment to MR:

“The experts of the ARRI Solutions Group design precisely the solutions our cine and broadcast clients need. Thereby, coordination and good cooperation with companies offering other products and services are also very important to us”

There are new avenues for production companies to explore with MR and, equally, this produces competition for ARRI from brands continuously finding success with augmented reality (AR).

In an XR Today interview with David Rippert, Poplar Studio CEO,  it was revealed Nestle had “30 seconds plus of play” with AR compared with conventional video advertisements.

ARRI’s Future with MR

Working in partnership with Berkshire-based NEP Live Events, ARRI studios will welcome other firms looking to use the 708 square-metre MR studio for events, education, and research and development.

ARRI have set up studios across Europe, including Dark Bay studios in Babelsberg, on the outskirts of Berlin, which is one of the largest MR studios in Europe.

US multimedia titans Walt Disney, are using ARRI’s top studio in Babelsberg for their flagship Star Wars series ‘The Mandalorian’.

ARRI continue to innovate with further research at MR testing studios in Burbank, as well as recognising the value of volumetric video (VV) with holdings in Europe’s first VV production studio, Volucap.


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