AR Metaverse takes over New York’s Time Square

Styly debuts a major XR-powered Metaverse event after a successful launch

AR Metaverse takes over Times Square, New York
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Published: June 21, 2022


Rory Greener

Psychic VR Lab, a developer of the Metaverse content creation suite STYLY, is hosting an extended reality (XR) NFT art exhibition at Times Square, New York.

Psychic VR Lab currently hosts the event alongside Japanese event partners Animoca Brands KK Corporation, Ucollex International Limited, and Madworld Hong Kong. The event also showcases and expands the reach of Japanese augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) artists.

The firm also unveiled various virtual reality (VR) immersive experiences for those who cannot attend, and content is accessible on its immersive application for headsets from Meta and HTC VIVE.

The NFT NYC event is taking place from 20th to 23rd June 2022 and features XR artists Hiroshi Mori, Kojo Masayuki, Kenichi Asano, Crazy Chocolate, Minori Murata, Ryo Takegawa, and Kenta Nakano.

The CMO of Psychic VR Lab, Ryohei Watanabe, added,

“The future of digital art has never been more exciting, with the ability to create location-specific content for everyone to enjoy”

The event enables the featured artists to overlay their XR creations upon the famous tourist destination. Psychic VR Lab is hosting the “urban-linked” NFT NYC art exhibition on its STYLY service, which attendees can access via a smartphone.

New NFT Tools, Coming Soon

Following its current event, STYLY plans to introduce NFT conversion tools that enable platform creators to transform their XR designs into NFTs.

The platform is introducing OpenSea integration, allowing XR content creators to sell their digital goods on the popular NFT marketplace.

STYLY is turning all artwork displayed during the NFT NYC event into digital dioramas that are available for purchase via the upcoming OpenSea integration.

In April, OpenSea introduced credit card payments for its service. The move allows individuals to invest in NFT assets with traditional payment methods without creating a crypto wallet.

Opensea also significantly democratises the NFT space by accepting credit card payments, allowing individuals without crypto knowledge to participate.

In an unexpected move, OpenSea also purchased Gem in April, an NFT aggregator service that improves the flexibility of the marketplace for users at all trading levels.

STYLY’s Real World Metaverse

In December 2021, STYLY first introduced tools to create XR geotagged Metaverse content. The application’s AR toolkit allows creators to instantly place immersive visuals on top of real-world urban environments.

The service enables users to enjoy STYLY’s distributed XR Metaverse content without needing to scan a QR code. Currently, the service is active in Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.

Psychic VR Lab is using the service to support global XR city-scale events such as the current event in Time Square, and to power the service’s 3D city mapping technology, STYLY created PLATEAU that enables highly accurate real-world graphic overlays.




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