Day 3 Preview of Sessions at the XR Summit 2022

XR Summit attendees will have a final round of excellent discussions with industry-leading guests

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Last Edited: June 1, 2023

Demond Cureton

The XR Summit 2022 continues with its third and final day of conversations and discussions on all things linked to virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR).

Thursday will see some stellar companies and organisations join the Summit for round table talks on extended reality (XR), with keynote speeches starting at 16:00 BST along with four premier sessions.

Collaboration in the Metaverse

This session will go live at 16:00 BST and discusses how firms can leverage VR and metaverse technologies to collaborate with clients and colleagues. XR Today’s Rory Greener will speak with Alex Howland, Co-Founder and President of Virbela, to navigate the rise of collaborative immersive spaces.

The executive will explain how his company’s product lineup enhances peer-to-peer (P2P) communications across verticals, adding firms with disparate physical offices can benefit from metaverse platforms to build a “sense of a united place to have co-presence.”

Creating Business Value with AR Wearables

Next in line, this XR Summit session will launch at 16:30 BST and explores AR use cases for businesses as well as how AR wearables empower businesses in their digital transformations.

XR representatives Vishal Shah, General Manager of XR and Metaverse for Lenovo, Enzo Jia, CEO and Co-Founder of Longan Vision, and Sanjay Jhawar, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for RealWear.

XR Today’s Demond Cureton will moderate the panel talks to discuss the numerous levels of digital infrastructure needed for developing and deploying XR solutions, as well as how the new solutions will lead to the creation of an enterprise Metaverse.

WebAR – The Stepping Stone to the Virtual World

The following conversation will begin at 17:00 BST and notes how WebAR technologies can empower customers and clients in their digital transformation processes.

XR Today’s Rory Greener will moderate talks on how the new technology will allow people to access immersive content via web browsers, and platforms have begun developing low or no-code digital tools to create solutions for users.

Executives Dan Frith, Vice President of 3D at Avataar and Kevin Joyce Global Partner for Psychic VR Lab will explain how webAR facilitates tools for customers amid Industry 4.0.

The Future of XR

The XR Summit 2022 will close with a major fireside chat at 17:30 BST to analyse the top trends in XR and the potential of the industry with XR Today’s Demond Cureton.

Guests include Amelia Kallman, Futurist, Author, and Speaker and Andrea Bravo, AR/VR Specialist and Consultant and PhD in XR and Data Visualisation at Technical Institute of Denmark (DTU) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The speakers will engage audiences with a sneak peek into the future of the XR industry, its most pressing trends and behaviours, and offer closing thoughts on the next stages of immersive technologies.

Be sure to catch the action at the XR Summit website and join the conversations on social media!



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