CoachTech Summit 2021 To Laud VR Training

Demond Cureton
Senior Journalist

The European summit will launch a new platform for training new talent for the global HR sector

CoachTech Summit 2021 To Laud VR Training

The CoachTech Summit 2021 is set to launch on October 19th to preview the Berlin-based High-Tech Seedlab accelerator platform for coaches.

The Summit will join the XR Bootcamp and the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to host the event for trainers, coaches, human resource (HR) teams, and other key professionals.

Samantha Karlin, TEDx Speaker, Talk Show Host, and Founder of Empower Global, will host discussions with experts in VR Learning, including Christophe Mallet, CEO and Founder of BodySwaps, Rick Martin, CEO of EqualReality and Forbes 30 Under 30 Receipient, Sophie Thompson, Co-Founder of Virtual Speech, and Kyle Jackson, CEO of Talespin, among many others.

Attendees will provide firsthand experience in using virtual reality (VR) tools introduced amid the rise of video conferencing apps in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and push for hybrid work models.

The Summit also aims to explore numerous use cases for VR in the Coaching and Training sector as well as potential tools capable of empowering the next generation of professionals.

Speakers will also showcase research on how industries can use VR in training and coaching along with specific use cases across corporations, schools, organisations, universities, and individual studies, and will explore the benefits of using VR technologies as well as experiential learning opportunities.

Jeremy Bailenson, Professor of Communications at Stanford University, said in a statement,

“VR is far more psychologically powerful than any medium ever invented and is poised to dramatically transform our lives”

Additional round table discussions will take place, followed by closing remarks from Dr Richard Grillenbeck, ICF Board Member Germany, and Professor David Clutterbuck, Special Ambassador of the European Coaching and Mentoring Council in the United Kingdom.

Report on Effective Mentoring New Talent

The event comes after a key report from MyKindaFuture noted the behavioural science in effective workplace mentoring. According to research, just 37 percent of British professsionals had a mentor “despite 79 percent of Millennials viewing them as crucial to their success,” the firm said.

The report, developed between behavioural science firm CogCo and leadership consultant Rita Symons, found less than a third of UK employees felt they belonged at their companies, leading to lowered retention rates. 80 percent of those cited also considered leaving their roles in 12 months time.

Will Akerman, Founder and Managing Director for MyKindaFuture, noted that while many mentoring programmes existed, the majority were “ineffective, undervalued and underrepresented.”

Implementing programmes “properly and with purpose” provided a “crucial tool in boosting employee engagement, progression, and retention,” he added.

“Employers cannot continue to view mentoring as a simple tick-box exercise. This report is a key resource for business leaders to discover more about the huge benefits mentoring with purpose can offer and gain practical insights for implementing programmes that are scientifically proven to succeed”

XR Today round table discussions with industry leaders in immersive VR solutions, including firms Virti, Seaberry, Taqtile, Moth+Flame as well as talks with WS Darley, Pico Interactive, and McKenzie Smart Technologies, have found immense benefits to using XR technologies

The firms noted using VR training resulted in massive information retention and learner engagement rates in onboarding, training, and continued development compared with traditional instruction.

US banking giant Bank of America also became the first financial institution in its industry to adopt VR trainers for 4,300 of its global branches to boost interpersonal skills for employees and staff.

For more information, kindly visit the CoachTech Summit’s website or register for tickets at Eventbrite.



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