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Published: February 7, 2023


Rory Greener

After a successful inaugural event last year, the XR Awards are back and ready to highlight leading immersive firms across various markets.

The XR Awards will showcase the most innovative augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) solutions.

International firms are encouraged to enter as soon as possible to gain recognition during the XR Awards 2023 online showcase.

Last year, the XR Awards attracted tremendous attention from the international XR space.

So, leading XR players should be sure to enter this year’s event based on the following categories:

XR Leader of the Year

This year’s XR Leader of the Year award is given to representatives who changed the industry during the previous calendar year.

An applicable individual could be promoting the technology through their profile or simply achieving business excellence within their firm’s chosen immersive market.

Rising Star – Organization

An award bestowed upon an outstanding organization that has shown exceptional promise.

This awarded business would demonstrate exceptional industry potential and ambition, with the potential to compete with established players.

Moreover, the Rising Star – Organisation award category is FREE to enter!

Rising Star – Individual

This award honours an industry rep who has shown exceptional promise over the past year.

The individual Rising Star awards accept international entries from every sector of the XR industry.

Individuals themselves or coworkers may submit nominations for FREE today.

Most Innovative Product

This award is open to vendors delivering highly innovative products and solutions.

Successful applicants should be able to demonstrate use cases of their XR technologies within a business environment.

Best Virtual Reality Solution

Vendors who offer businesses outstanding Virtual Reality Solutions are eligible to apply for this award.

Firms providing leading enterprise-grade VR solutions, services, software, and hardware are encouraged to partake in this award category.

Best Augmented Reality Solution

Vendors who provide businesses with augmented reality solutions can apply for this award.

Solutions able to innovate and improve a workplace via AR technologies are subject to winning this category.

Best Mixed Reality Solution

The Mixed Reality award is also open to vendors who provide the best MR solution to clients.

MR is a massively emerging technology, and the XR Awards is the place to gain insight into the leading firms in this space.

Best Metaverse Solution

The Metaverse is still a hot tech topic following its emergence last year.

The XR Awards look to recognize the firms creating leading enterprise-grade Metaverse solutions which can demonstrate business use cases.

Best Healthcare Solution

The XR Awards showcases the best immersive solutions for various vertical markets.

A critical industry which XR is transforming is healthcare.

This year’s related XR Awards will celebrate the vendors that have produced the best XR solution aligned to the healthcare industry.

Best Education and Training Solution

Another key XR virtual market is education and training.

For both the classroom and within enterprise training scenarios, XR is becoming a notable solution for increasing ROI during learning operations.

This year’s Best Education and Training Solution will highlight the firm’s delivering the best immersive learning solutions.

Best AEC Solution

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms are gaining massively with XR-led digital transformations and enhanced workflows.

This award will showcase vendors revolutionizing the construction industry through XR solutions like digital twins, IoT, and smart glasses.

Best Manufacturing & Industrial Solution

Moreover, manufacturing & industrial firms are quickly adopting XR to improve production spaces.

This virtual market highlight award while recognizing vendors producing the best Manufacturing & Industrial XR solution.

Best Field Service Solution

A crucial investment for XR firms is field service solutions.

Interconnected XR devices can keep dispersed teams together by leveraging elements like big data and 5G streaming.

XR provides a new method of collaboration, and immersive field service solutions can allow users to collaborate with coworkers and seniors.

Best Automotive Solution

Whether a team is working on designing, producing, or marketing an automotive product, XR can help.

Many automotive groups and immersive technology partners are leveraging XR to improve the process of creating and selling new vehicles, and this award aims to highlight innovators in the space.

Best Retail and eCommerce Solution

This award highlights the firms producing immersive solutions that enhance a buyer’s journey.

Solutions could improve a digital check-out process, or perhaps an awarded firm could provide in-person retail technologies.

Best Immersive Collaboration Solution

In the ever-growing hybrid working space, collaboration solutions are essential.

While conventional digital collaboration tools will continue to lead the market, immersive alternatives from big and small service providers are emerging – and the XR Awards will highlight these groups.

Best Art and Entertainment Solution

Finally, the Best Art and Entertainment award is for groups providing entertainment solutions, products, and experiences for brands and businesses.

Apply for the XR Awards 2023, Today

Applications for the XR Awards 2023 open on 17 February 2023.

Additionally, entries for the XR Awards close on 31 March.

XR Today will announce the finalists on 5 May 2023, ready for the online ceremony event on 25 May 2023.

Check out the XR Awards website for more information regarding the key dates and judges.

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