Zebra and XMReality Sign New Partnership Agreement

Rebekah Carter

Delivering Cutting-Edge AR Smart Glass Solutions for Front-Line Business Operations

Zebra and XMReality Sign New Partnership Agreement

Zebra, a company committed to transforming the front line of business operations in various industries, recently announced a new partnership with XMReality. Zebra, offering industry-tailored end-to-end solutions for companies in the public sector, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and retail, will be working with XMReality as part of a new agreement.

XMReality is a pioneering extended reality company responsible for developing and selling solutions that revolutionize knowledge sharing through augmented reality. The company, a market leader in remote guidance, supports on-site staff in the workplace through AR technology that enables problem prevention and quick issue resolution. Currently, XMReality’s product has a presence in more than 60 countries, boasting clients like Nestle, Minibea Intec, and Sidel.

XMReality will be pairing its remote guidance solution with Zebra smart glasses for the front line of business operations. The solution should be an AR-enhanced solution for solving problems more quickly and effectively in any business landscape.

Empowering Employees with New Realities

Zebra is already on the cutting edge of the marketplace when it comes to supporting teams with data handling products and solutions. The organisation specialises in immersive locating systems, barcode scanners, and mobile computers. This new partnership with the innovators at XMReality will take Zebra’s product portfolio into the age of the next generation.

XMReality’s remote guidance technology within Zebra smart glasses and various handheld objects will empower team members to accomplish their goals in a more streamlined manner. The partnership between the two companies doesn’t guarantee any initial revenues or order intake requirements. However, both brands are excited about the potential of the collaboration.

The XMReality Remote Guidance overlay is an augmented reality solution for sharing knowledge in the modern landscape. This technology allows business employees to collaborate with chat, speech, gestures, and pointers, even if you’re not in the same room as your colleagues. The service comes with a unique overlay technology that allows team members to actively guide the hands of another employee as though they were standing over them.

An Incredible Opportunity for the Frontline

For frontline workers, the new technology could introduce a new era of excellent customer and employee experience. The XMReality reality solution comes with its own web portal where team leaders can measure usage and manage teams. There’s also the option to create your own integrations through client-side API technology.

According to the CEO at XMReality, Jorgen Remmelg, the team is very much looking forward to this new partnership. Zebra is a world-wide market leader in the delivery of intelligent tools like barcode readers, and the company has a massive global presence. Jorgen believes that XMReality’s remote guidance technology combined with Zebra technology will be a competitive offering in the evolving landscape.

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