Vision Pro Production Materials Cost $1,590, Sources Say

Apple $3499 headset cost almost double its materials price, supplier reports show

Vision Pro Base Materials Cost $1,590, Sources Say
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Published: June 14, 2023


Rory Greener

Last week, Apple debuted the Vision Pro headset, the firm’s first dive into the XR space. Apple has already experienced exposure to the immersive technology space, a firm that has minor AR integration for its iPhone and iPad devices. However, with its immersive device debut, Apple is looking to make a big splash.

The firm drew excitement and controversy as the device contains a robust deep OS infrastructure while having a price-point hurdle of $3499 with supporters for and against the price. Although, the device could provide a hardware benchmark with its hand-tracking, display resolution of 4096 x 5464 pixels, high-dynamic range (HDR), and wide colour gamut (WCG) outputs.

New reports highlight that Chinese and Twainese firms are helping to manufacture the upcoming Vision Pro headset. Moreover, the report notes that the materials used in the Vision Pro cost roughly $1,590.

However, what partners are providing assistance and components for Apple? The recent report highlighted the Chinese and Twainesse contractors assisting Apple with its marketplace debut.

Firms Behind Apple Consumer Success

Ivan Lam, a Senior Analyst at Tech Research Firm and Consultancy, Counterpoint, added:

It is evident that Vision Pro’s current suppliers, similar to the structure [of companies] behind the iPhone, are among the world’s top consumer electronics component providers. When Apple releases a lower-priced AR/VR product in the near future, the supply chain structure is likely to be quite similar to the current one.

Firstly, Apple is collaborating with long-time partners Luxshare Precision Industry Co to provide the Vision Pro product assembly procedures.

Local consultancy Wellsenn XR found the continued partnership in a bill of materials (BOM) analysis. Additionally, Apple is slated to work with other mainland China firms, including Cowell E Holdings and Shenzhen Desay Battery Technology.

On the other hand, Apple is working with 11 Twainese firms to help deploy the Vision Pro.

Of its chosen manufacturing partners, Apple is partnering with leading Twainese firms, including Largan Precision Co, Genius Electronic Optical Co, GIS-KY, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

The chosen partners are assisting Apple in integrating hardware, such as display technology. Moreover, Apple works with major industry suppliers such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Sony for the Vision Pro market debut.

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