Vision Pro Gains Further Frontline Tools

Glartek debut on the trending XR device, bringing another immersive tool for frontline workers

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Published: March 11, 2024


Rory Greener

For enterprise, the Vision Pro presents a curious concept as, unlike predecessors like Meta, Apple focused on productivity as its core use case, leading to various enterprise-ready applications landing on the product ready for launch. 

Workplace spatial computing solutions provider Glartek is joining Vision Pro’s extensive portfolio of third-party enterprise-ready applications.  

The move sees Glartek integrate its Augmented & Connected Worker solution onto the Apple Vision Pro headset. Glartek’s services empower frontline workers with innovative tools for training and remote collaboration use cases. 

Luís Murcho, the COO of Glartek, added: 

We are very excited about the Apple Vision Pro and what its release represents for the wider spatial computing and mixed reality technologies. This new device is a clear indicator of the future of the technologies and demonstrates the vitality of its ongoing expansion. At Glartek, we instantly felt the need to make our solution compatible with this latest device to demonstrate our commitment to providing clients with our solution across multiple devices and to showcase our constant need to innovate and use the latest tools to expand our potential. 

Vision Pro, Ready for Frontline Workers  

Now that Glartek’s frontline solution is available on Vision Pro, users can leverage the device’s eye-tracking technology and micro-OLED display to interact with digital assets such as AR work instructions, AR guidance maps, contextualized access to documents, checklists, and 3D models. 

According to the firm, its frontline solutions are already present in industry markets including manufacturing, automotive, utilities, and paper & pulp; Glartek also notes how further use cases for its software exist, including retail, training, and remote assistance – helping workers stay safe and productive Glartek notes.  

The firm’s service overlays assistive augmented visuals to help workers complete tasks more effectively while also being able to multitask with digital assets while they work.

The Apple Vision Pro comes priced at $3,500, pricing out some consumers and placing the device in the enterprise pricing range. The device is equipped with high-end specifications to justify its price, including 256GB/512GB/1TB storage, a 23 million pixel display, 90Hz/96Hz/100Hz refresh rate, spatial audio, 2 hours of battery life, Bluetooth, eye tracking, hand tracking, and a weight of 21.2-22.9 ounces.

Apple’s Vision Pro may break the industry trend of impressive XR devices that lack system-selling applications. Due to Apple’s preparation of developers last year, many applications are now debuting on the service.

More than 1,000 spatial applications are available on the XR device, including many enterprise services ready for frontline workers. Some leading workplace applications on the Apple Vision Pro include SyngeryXR, JigSpace, Omniplan, Zoom, Microsoft 365, and Teams.

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