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Leading XR Vendors in Field Service Solutions

XR Field Services Market Map for 2023
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Published: February 21, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

Extended Reality solutions have quickly proven to be more than just a tech novelty. Over the years, as the technology in the ecosystem has evolved, companies have begun to uncover endless new ways to leverage XR in day-to-day operations.  

For field services professionals, the right immersive tools can make it easier to collaborate with team members wherever they are, access valuable information on the go, and even gather lucrative insights. In some situations, the best tools can also improve the safety of employees and the people they serve. 

So, which vendors are currently producing solutions specially suited to the needs of the field services environment? Here are some of the top options worth exploring in 2023.  

1. Taqtile

Focusing on the benefits of augmented reality, Taqtile produces intelligent tools to help employees access the information they need on the go. The core solution offered by Taqtile is the Manifest AR-enabled work instruction system. The end-to-end platform allows users to capture, export, and access step-by-step work instructions wherever they are, with AR guidance.  

With no coding or CAD specialist skills required, Taqtile’s Manifest technology walks employees through each step involved in completing tasks, with video, audio, and text notes for each job. The system also includes video streaming and sharing, eye tracking, and integrated collaboration capabilities for distributed teams. 

2. Help Lightning 

The Help Lightning remote visual assistance software is a patented, hands-on technology solution built to accelerate problem-solving in field services landscapes. The solution allows users to access visual guidance and step-by-step instruction, with AR-enhanced visuals delivered through a smartphone. Help Lightning’s system is enhanced by spatial computing capabilities, guidance automation, and knowledge collaboration features.  

Partnering with other solutions such as Salesforce, Genesys, and Vuzix, Help Lightning also allows companies to expand the functionality of their AR tools with connections to other crucial software solutions. Guidance, support, and product demonstrations are also available for beginners. 

3. CareAR 

Specially designed for field and support companies, CareAR delivers experience-building tools and AR capabilities to businesses of all sizes. Using the Service Experience Management platform, organizations can leverage artificial intelligence, build intelligent assets, and design self-service solutions for end-users. AR and 3D annotations can be delivered over live video for real-time direction.  

Additionally, CareAR’s technology provides anyone with the opportunity to create interactive experiences using 3D models with hot spots, digital workflows, and step-by-step guidance. The technology recently won an award from Frost and Sullivan for North American AR Field Service solutions, and it integrates with leading tools like ServiceNow. 

4. Arvizio  

Experimenting with both augmented and mixed reality, Arvizio enables organizations to leverage the power of digital twins within the industrial XR landscape. The company offers a variety of solutions, including the Immerse 3D platform, for visualizing large models for multi-user, multi-location collaboration. There’s also an AR Instructor system available, which supports the delivery of real-time, step-by-step AR instruction to individual users.  

Arvizio’s technologies work seamlessly alongside AR and MR wearable headsets, such as the HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap, and can also be accessed on smartphones. Plus, the company can offer remote expert assistance to users setting up their technology. 

5. XMReality 

Designed to increase employee efficiency and sustainability, XMReality provides access to a comprehensive platform for knowledge transfer and management. The AR system gives any user with a smartphone the opportunity to send real-time instructions and graphics to users in the field. There’s a hand overlay solution for delivering rich and intuitive instructions, as well as real-time annotation options such as drawing and pointers.  

Users can share images or documents, as well as their entire screen, through the system using a Windows app. There’s also an option to record videos and take screenshots from sessions for later use. The technology is available to use with smart glasses, desktops, and smartphones. 

6. TeamViewer 

TeamViewer is a well-known provider of remote desktop, remote access, and remote support technologies. The solution works across almost 130 mobile device models, as well as IoT devices and other solutions. It also runs out of the box with no need for complex configurations or installations.  

TeamViewer is powered by end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and granular access management for improved compliance in any field services landscape. It was also ranked the leader in Remote Desktop solutions by both Trust Radius and G2 in 2022. The AR solution comes with 3D annotations, optical character recognition, and real-time information sharing, available across a host of devices and wearables. 

7. Virnect 

An industrial solution for AR and VR interactions, Virnect provides real-time video and AR experiences to users on the go through a host of devices. The company’s portfolio includes Virnect Make for creating XR content without programming, Virnect View for digital information visualization, and Virnect Remote.  

The Remote field management solution connects employees, allowing supervisors and team members to remotely supervise colleagues, record content, and share insights in real-time. The service comes with built-in security and offers support for Real Wear devices, as well as smart glasses and apps. Recently, Virnect joined the Seoul Metaverse Korea Exhibition to showcase its innovations.  

8. Vsight 

Created to help companies convert written instructions into immersive guidance for field service teams, Vsight focuses on empowering frontline workers. The company’s platform consists of Vsight workflow for guiding employees through processes with interactive digital instructions and checklists. There’s also Vsight Remote, for supervisors to provide tailored, real-time support to staff members on the move. Users can even whitelabel their creations with the platform.  

Designed to work with a variety of smart glasses and headsets, Vsight’s technology allows users to troubleshoot issues faster, scale knowledge transfer, and reduce travel fees. Plus, built-in video and audio calls, adaptive video quality, and annotations support enhanced collaboration. 

9. ThirdEye 

Focusing on numerous field services industries, including healthcare, aerospace, law enforcement, and manufacturing, ThirdEye produces a host of AR and MR products for the modern market. Options range from the RespondEye system for first responders to a comprehensive device management platform and the AR “RemoteEye” service.  

The RemoteEye solution supports Live AR communication through a heads-up display featuring live video and audio communications alongside AR annotations. Users can screenshot pictures and access data while keeping their hands free on the move. ThirdEye also recently introduced a new set of X2 MR smart glasses to enhance its portfolio. 

10. Zoho 

Known around the world for its communication, collaboration, and service desk tools, Zoho has recently begun producing solutions for the XR market too. The Zoho Lens AR, remote assistance software, allows users on the front line to share information in real time with professionals from the back office for end-to-end collaboration.  

The solution includes live camera streaming, 3D object highlighting, as well as VoIP and text chat. Users can capture snapshots of incoming camera images, freeze images in video, and record sessions for training and knowledge base creation. Zoho also recently introduced a multi-participant feature and a new mobile SDK for iOS and Android. 

11. Streem 

Streem produces simple AR solutions for field services, sales, customer support, and insurance companies. The platform enables users to rapidly annotate video feeds and share information or guidance with employees on the move anywhere through a smartphone interface. Built-in collaboration tools allow for real-time communications, and all data is secured in the cloud. 

Users can also access Streem API and SDK solutions to create a branded, customized workflow experience for their users. The solution even integrates with a wide range of other service management and productivity tools. 

12. VISR 

VISR Dynamics empowers companies to bring spatial technologies into their workflows and operations. The company’s technologies include VERTX Remote support, VERTX Stage, and the VERTX engine for creating spatial apps at speed.  

The Remote Support solution is specially designed for field service and frontline workers, with compatibility for a range of headsets and mobile devices. Users can leverage QR code scanning to access remote assistance and guidance when dealing with problems on the go. There’s also a built-in annotation tool for guidance during video calls, and a complete contact centre dashboard included within the platform. 



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