Taqtile Deepen Microsoft Support at MWC 2024

Taqtile Manifest to leverage Microsoft Azure Private 5G Core features

Taqtile Deepen Microsoft Support at MWC 2024
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Published: February 27, 2024


Rory Greener

This week, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Taqtile, a leader in AR instructional solutions, is showcasing its now deepened support of Microsoft services to boost the usability of its immersive solution in demanding industrial environments. 

The support allows Taqtile’s solution, Manifest, to adopt the Azure Private 5G Core into the AR instructional platform. Therefore, it will enable Taqtile workers to leverage Manifest on HoloLens 2 headsets effectively. 

Moreover, Azure support helps keep workers better connected in the workplace via more robust connectivity features that suit industrial environments and use cases. 

John Mathieu, the Managing Director of Taqtile Europe, added: 

Our HoloLens customers will significantly benefit through our ongoing support of the Azure platform and the Microsoft Azure Private 5G Core implementation. By increasing availability through deployment of Azure at the edge, Manifest better supports the needs endemic to our industrial users. 

The firm notes that a core benefit of integrating the Azure 5G infrastructure into its solution means that users can more easily access, edit, and collaborate over digital twin content, an increasing driver of XR usage in the enterprise. 

Taqtile is showing off its powerful 5G-ready Manifest platform at MWC this week at Microsoft’s booth, which features many future-of-work solutions. 

Taqtile, Microsoft to Enhance Workplace AR Solutions

Taqtile’s MWC 2024 news comes shortly after the firm announced support for Microsoft’s Unity-based Mixed Reality Toolkit 3 (MRTK3).

Last month, Taqtile announced its official support for Microsoft’s Unity-based MRTK3 to expand the usability of its Manifest application. The company intends to prepare for an increasing number of OpenXR devices in 2024.

John Tomizuka, the CTO of Taqtile, explained at the time:

The MRTK3 toolkit is a perfect complement to our strategy of supporting a wide range of mixed reality devices. By implementing MRTK3, we’ll have new avenues for expedited development of our Manifest work-instruction software for the expanding ecosystem of AR and VR hardware.

By supporting MRTK3, Taqtile aims to improve the application by incorporating interoperable gesture recognition, rapidly prototyping, swapping core AR/VR components depending on the hardware, and supporting a more comprehensive range of MR devices.

The latest features of MRTK3, introduced by Microsoft in 2022, such as UI advances, volumetric buttons, and object manipulation, will also enhance Taqtile’s Manifest AR application.

Taqtile has a long history of supporting Microsoft’s digital solution portfolio to improve its Manifest product. In 2022, the company began supporting Azure to enhance the streaming of RT3D content to workers on-site.

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