Streem Review

Democratising AR Field Service

Streem Review

Streem was founded in 2017 as an app that would match customers with remote sales and service representatives, streamlining their communication through augmented reality technology. The company raised $1.7 million in seed funding and has held several more rounds, the details of which are undisclosed.

In 2019, Streem acquired a UK start-up called Selerio to add to its AR technology capabilities. Interestingly, home services giant Frontdoor acquired Streem in 2019, but the company continued as an independent entity with a robust industry presence. In 2020, Streem launched a set of software development kits to help businesses cope with the demand for remote services during the pandemic. Frontdoor even made Streem available free of charge for a limited time.

Today, the company is known for combining AR and AI into a powerful remote communications platform for field service professionals, integrating with an impressive variety of enterprise systems.

What are the Key Features of Streem?

Streem is available as a turn-key web-based application, an SDK for white-label solutions, or even in the form of modular features that you can integrate individually.

Note-taking and collaboration

Streem supports note-taking in AR through the easy draw feature. Once you connect with a customer or a field professional via video, you can annotate on the live video itself, to highlight elements, share your feedback, and convey instructions. Streem supports AR-enabled video calls, thanks to StreemCore, and you can get up to 5000 minutes of video calling every month.

Integrate with your workflow

Streem reduces application clutter by blending into your existing customer service applications, such as Nice inContact, Genesys, Five9, and Zendesk. The company has integrations planned for AWS Connect and Talkdesk in its future roadmap, and there is also a REST API for custom integrations. Finally, Streem offers a Fast Embed service to integrate its capabilities in just five minutes.

Application development kit

Streem launched its robust SDKs in September of 2020, bringing its proprietary technology in combination with Apple’s ARKit, Google’s AR core, and the LiDAR sensor to business applications. The company plans to release a web SDK very soon, introducing the power of Streem to cloud applications.

AI capabilities

By combining AR with AI techniques, Streem dramatically improves your ability to service physical objects. Its optical character recognition (OCR), object recognition, pose estimation, and spatial mapping technology, help to quickly relay instructions/solutions by understanding the physical environment.

What are the Benefits of Using Streem?

Streem’s biggest benefit is the ability to blend seamlessly with enterprise applications, leveraging its sophisticated AI and AR technology.  Companies can not only communicate with users, but they can also save information using Streem’s unlimited storage capacity. Finally, the company’s Fast Embed solution makes it easy to get started with little to no adoption barriers.

Who Should Use Streem?

Streem makes AR-enabled customer support available to companies of every size, with Pro, Team, and Team+ plans that support up to 10, 25, and 50 experts respectively. Companies looking to offer technology-enabled field support solutions, particularly in the industrial sector should definitely consider Streem as an important enabler.


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