Snap, UK Government Open AR Careers Fair

HM Government and Snap launched the creative AR solution to guide young people to new job prospects

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Published: February 22, 2022

Demond Cureton

The UK Government’s Department for Education (DfE) launched on Tuesday its first augmented reality (AR) Careers Fair, which aims to educate young learners on their education and training options.

The DfE’s ‘Get the Jump’ campaign is the first AR-powered programme in England’s history as well as for the government body.

Get the Jump will run until March 31 and will use Snap’s AR Lens platform to explore technical career pathways such as apprenticeships, Higher Technical Qualifications, and others.

Snap’s Discover tab will also allow audiences to view video content from London’s Future Studios to showcase key life experiences with each individual training path and career.

Users can join the AR Careers Fair via the Snapchat camera app and select the ‘Get the Jump’ Skills for Life icon to access the fair and its website.

Rebecca Thould, Head of Campaigns for Young People and Adult Skills at the Department for Education, explained that research showed young people enjoyed hearing from other young professionals via their experiences.

She added,

“We know that Snapchat reaches 90 per cent of 13-24 year olds in the UK so partnering with Snap was an obvious choice for the DfE. This campaign has enabled us to create a new and immersive way for young people to understand and engage with the education and training choices they have, in an environment native to them”

Global Efforts to Boost XR Solutions for Educators

The news comes as numerous organisations, firms, and governments have begun embracing extended reality (XR) technologies to educate future generations of professionals and young learners.

Washington, DC’s XR Association hosted its Limitless Future Conference in November last year to discuss use cases for such emerging technologies and how they could lead to improved learner retention rates, open job opportunities to professionals, and build a thriving new global ecosystem and economy.

Queen Mary University was also one of the first institutions in the United Kingdom to adopt virtual reality (VR) lectures on medicine and human anatomy for students in late January. Cambridge University and Radio Caca later launched an expansive Metaverse EduTech platform for students.

Dublin-based IT consultancy giant Accenture also ordered 60,000 Meta Quest 2 headsets to onboard its new hires in an unprecedented shift to the full-scale adoption of Metaverse enterprise solutions.



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