RealWear Unveil Thermal Imaging Smart Glasses at MWC ’24

With product partners Teledyne FLIR, RealWear reveal new design features to help frontline workers

RealWear Unveil Thermal Imaging Smart Glasses at MWC '24
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Published: February 26, 2024


Rory Greener

This week at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona, leaders in immersive frontline hardware and wearables, RealWear, will reveal its new XR headset with an integrated thermal camera to support health and safety expectations in challenging production environments. 

At the event, RealWear, with product partners Teledyne FLIR, debuted the Navigator Z1 assisted-reality wearable device with a built-in thermal camera. Mike Walters, the Vice President of uncooled thermal imaging camera cores at Teledyne FLIR, said: “It is always impressive to see the new ways that our innovative Thermal by FLIR collaborators integrate our camera modules and use our experience to develop cutting-edge, high-value products to industry and consumers.”

Alongside addressing operational inefficiencies and safety risks, the new Navigator Z1 headset provides hands-free remote communication and two-way data sharing. Moreover, paired with the new thermal camera, the device allows frontline workers to share streamlined workflows and real-time thermal insights that help make informed decisions in high-risk environments.  

The CEO of RealWear, Dr Chris Parkinson, also added: 

We are continually impressed by the technical capabilities of the world leading Teledyne FLIR team. To have their Lepton 3.5 IR module built into our latest product is a huge leap forward for the front-line worker in hazardous environments. This new thermal camera capability, seamlessly coupled to the existing hands-free solutions offered by RealWear and the new AI engine built directly into the Navigator Z1 will conjure up a whole new way of working on the front lines. The future of work is changing, and it’s hands-free all the way.

Built for Emerging XR Device Use Cases  

The Navigator Z1, with its thermal imaging capabilities, is ready to assist frontline workers with the many challenges currently faced in the oil and gas fields. 

According to RealWear, the new XR device can address and assist with use cases such as gas leak detection, equipment monitoring, pipeline inspections, and safety compliance measures. 

 The MWC news comes as RealWear works on an already busy 2024; as the firm champions its workplace immersive solutions and its portfolio benefits to tangible use cases, the headset space is booming with interest stemming from the Apple Vision Pro. 

Last week, RealWear also announced an enhanced partnership with Vidhance, a video enhancement software firm, to develop new video solutions for frontline workers.

Dr Chris Parkinson also stated that Vidhance’s video stabilization technology, adapted for use in RealWear’s product portfolio, offers an exceptional viewing experience for all camera-based remote collaboration scenarios where critical stability, situational awareness, and focus on the subject matter.

The Vidhance technology is a critical and differentiating technology, and RealWear is “delighted” to be working more closely with Vidhance. Going forward, users can remove shaky video footage in real-time with Vidhance Premium Video Stabilisation and stabilize frames and horizon levels when using remote assistance video for XR recording formats.

More on the Navigator Z1

RealWear started shipping its Navigator Z1 smart glasses in January 2024; at the time of the device’s initial shipment, the firm described the product as the ‘world’s most advanced’, intrinsically safe (IS) head-mounted wearable.

The RealWear Navigator Z1 is a device powered by Android 12 OS, designed to run various integrated workplace applications, and users can easily access immersive collaboration apps. The device has been certified by ATEX and IECEx IS, making it suitable for use in hazardous zones. Therefore, it is a popular choice in the oil and gas industry, with significant pre-orders coming from over a dozen countries, including Saudi Arabia.

The Navigator Z1 is RealWear’s most innovative. It features an advanced Qualcomm SnapDragon 6490 chipset with a built-in AI engine, a foundation for the company to expand its AI capabilities. The device also complies with ATEX/IECEx rigorous standards, having undergone multiple tests, including thermal, electrical integrity, safety compliance, mechanical durability, and even explosion-proof testing. The device has also received consultation services from the IS technology expert, MOBILE.

These measures also help ensure the safety of frontline workers in areas where consumer devices, including iPhones, tablets, and AR/VR headsets, are not allowed.

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