NexTech AR Integrates Microsoft Azure Platform

NexTech Embraces Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

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Published: February 16, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

Augmented reality solutions provider for 3D promotion and eCommerce experiences, NexTech AR, just announced a new update. The Microsoft Azure Cloud Services platform will be offered as standard for NexTech solutions going forward.

At a time where more companies are beginning to experiment with extended reality to improve the way that they engage customers, AR is increasing on popularity. Brands and outlets around the world are using AR to layer additional visual information over the real environment for customers, to augment their surroundings. A real estate might offer a guide path that takes someone on a tour through a building, for instance, or a retailer could add extra information to a product label.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure

Through Azure Cloud technology, NexTech will have the ability to deliver additional scalability for AR experiences that support customers for hybrid and virtual events. Events hosted by NexTech through the hospitality, education, health and professional services spaces will be able to scale more quickly to accommodate around 20 times as many users thanks to Azure.

According to the CTO of the Virtual Experience Platform for NexTech, Mark Pace, the company’s previous data centre made it difficult to make quick changes to event sizes and scale. Now, with the help of Microsoft Azure, the team will be able to drive event scaling solutions at an incredible level, offering new options at the push of a button.

A Markets and Markets report notes that the AR landscape is set to grow from around $10.7 billion in 2019 to over $72.7 billion during 2024. One of the primary areas encouraging this growth is the retail space, where eCommerce companies are trying to engage online consumers. Other enterprise interests are also developing in the AR space, as companies look for ways to connect employees on collaborative tasks while they work remotely.

The Next Era of AR Technology

Azure cloud functionality is already a generally available solution within the recently announced NexTech ARRoom streaming service. These capabilities will also soon be available through the Virtual Experience platform SaaS solution that the company is building for educational and event experiences in the months ahead.

NexTech is planning on migrating projects and data from its ARitize and AiRShow applications into the Azure landscape too. This should ensure that all NexTech customers can access a better layer of scalability across entertainment, eCommerce, enterprise, and educational services. As the leading edge and cloud computing platform available from Microsoft, Azure is a powerful tool for businesses investing in next-level digital technology.

The Chief Executive of NexTech, Evan Gappelberg, said that the Azure platform is an excellent product for enterprise customers in search of a reliable and convenient platform for cloud-based computing. The NexTech team sees this investment as a crucial step forward as they strive to deliver more virtual experiences to people around the world.


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