New Safety Certified Smart Glasses Debut for Industrial and Frontline Workers

Vuzix Shield smart safety glasses debut ready for enterprise clients

New Safty Certified Smart Glasses Debut for Industrial and Frontline Workers
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Published: April 9, 2024


Rory Greener

This week, Vuzix Corporation announced the general availability of its Vuzix Shield smart safety glasses, an AR wearable designed to suit industrial and frontline working environments.  

The AR technology originally debuted the Vuzix Shield device via a limited fulfilment strategy focused on developers and researchers. Now, broader enterprise clients are welcome to get hands-on experience with the innovative new workplace solution. 

Enterprise clients can get hands-on experience with the Vuzix Shield product via their website, which includes medical, first responder, logistics, transport, field service, and inspection. 

Paul Travers, the President and CEO of Vuzix, added: 

Though we’re still working against a customer backlog, we’re pleased to have increased our manufacturing capacity to support growing demand for Vuzix Shield. As always, we aim to deliver the highest levels of customer service with our products. Vuzix Shield is unique in the market, and is the only wireless, fully integrated pair of prescription-ready smart glasses offering advanced AR capabilities in a form factor that feels great and looks amazing for front-end use. 

According to the firm, the Vuzix Shield device is “the company’s most revolutionary pair of prescription-ready AR smart safety glasses,” the device contains competitive features, stereoscopic microLED (µLED) waveguide-based displays, ANSI Z87.1 safety certification, self-contained batteries, stereo HD cameras, stereo over-the-ear speakers, and noise-cancelling microphones. 

Moreover, Vuzix’s new product aims to drive worldwide scalability via voice input supporting 29 languages, and AI support allows workers to optimize industrial workflows with fresh tools.  

Additionally, the HD cameras leverage AI integration to increase environmental awareness and prepare real-time inputs/feedback. 

Introducing INCOGNITO

Vuzix Corporation announced the launch of INCOGNITO late last year, an integrated technology for the company’s enterprise and frontline AR smart glasses portfolio. The leading supplier of smart glasses and AR products is using INCOGNITO to enhance their AR product portfolio’s optical waveguide design and performance.

INCOGNITO optimizes Vuzix’s product performance by removing “forward eye glow,” a new technology within waveguide-based hardware. This common problem with smart glasses causes light leakage, hazy visuals, and disappearing content. Such unreliable visuals could be a considerable problem during risky repair or other frontline procedures.

Moreover, Vuzix’s breakthrough is expected to enhance the low-light optical performance and forward-light ratio of their leading smart glasses.

Paul Travers added at the time, “Vuzix INCOGNITO technology makes the tech in a pair of AR smart glasses, or any other waveguide-based head-mounted display, virtually disappear.”

Travers also noted:

User privacy is greatly increased as this technology practically eliminates the ability for any other observer to know that you’re viewing displayed content on your device. While this is a highly desirable feature for consumer use, it represents critical functionality for certain military applications, where forward light in defense situations can quickly compromise the safety of ground troops and military personnel. We look forward to incorporating Vuzix INCOGNITO technology into both our standard and customized waveguide solutions as we concurrently begin to ramp waveguide production at our new high-volume, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Rochester NY area.

Vuzix notes that the upgrades do not affect the product cost for its lineup of enterprise clients. To mark INCOGNITO’s debut, the firm is targetting deployment to its customers in defence, industrial, enterprise and ultimately broader consumer applications.

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