Mitsubishi Corporation Gives Major Funding to AR Marketing Platform, STYLY

New investment opportunities to help scale the AR marketing and entertainment platform across various business segments

Mitsubishi Corporation Gives Major Funding to AR Marketing Platform, STYLY
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Published: May 1, 2024


Rory Greener

This week, STYLY announced that it is scaling its urban AR marketing and entertainment platform with help from substantial funding from Mitsubishi Corporation.

The unconfirmed capital from Mitsubishi Corporation allows STYLY Inc. to boost its “spatial layer platform, ” enabling brands to create and distribute immersive AR campaigns geo-located to real urban environments – visible via a smartphone or smart glasses.

Masahiro Yamaguchi, the CEO, STYLY, Inc. added:

In February 2024, Apple Inc launched Apple Vision Pro in the United States. We are on the verge of entering an era where XR/spatial computing becomes a part of everyday life. Through our capital and business alliance with Mitsubishi Corporation, which leads a wide range of business areas, we intend to further push the creation of value in cities, society, and the future using STYLY, both domestically and internationally.

The funding enables STYLY to continue its ambitious goals of creating large-scale immersive brand campaigns with help from a large-scale business operator.

The Mitsubishi Corporation funding enables STYLY to target the conglomerate’s commercial facilities, which will advance the development of “domestic and international real estate and urban projects”, according to STYLY.

Moreover, STYLY states that the Mitsubishi Corporation funding helps the spatial data firm to advance collaborations towards creating new and experimental media. Currently, Mitsubishi Corporation sectors that may leverage STYLY’s solutions include segments such as environmental energy, materials solutions, mineral resources, urban development & infrastructure, mobility, and the food industry.

More on STYLY’s AR Platform

The funding follows STYLY’s multi-year journey, paving the way for international immersive brand campaigns.

STYLY has enabled partners covering multiple sectors, like facility/real estate developers, railway companies, and IP holders, to transform marketing campaigns with an immersive twist.

STYLY is an AR/MR platform that uses accurate GPS data to place virtual visuals in real-world urban environments without requiring QR codes. This allows creators to distribute immersive visuals independently and import 3D GPS city data to create highly accurate real-world graphic overlays. The platform uses ‘PLATEAU’ to power its 3D city mapping, currently available in major Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

STYLY is cross-platform, delivering AR/MR content at scale on various devices like smartphones and smart glasses. It also fosters an AR/VR/MR developer ecosystem, expanding XR content creation and distribution opportunities with an accessible cross-platform application.

Additionally, the platform hosts several events and virtual tours to showcase its capabilities. Originally a browser-based platform, STYLY is now a cross-platform application on various digital storefronts, including Meta Quest, VIVEPORT, and Nreal.

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