Key Stats For AR Customer Engagement in 2021

Customer experience and extended reality

Customer Experience and Extended Reality
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Published: April 1, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Rebekah Carter

The age of Extended Reality has officially arrived.

Today’s solutions in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are more impressive than anyone could have imagined. With support from the right tools, business leaders can create immersive experiences not just for their employees, but for their customers too.

As Augmented Reality technology grows increasingly immersive, affordable, and accessible, more brands are taking notice.

Here are just some of the key stats worth considering when it comes to AR in customer engagement.

The Key Stats for AR Engagement

According to a Mobile Marketer report, only around 1% of retailers currently use AR or VR technology in the customer buyer experience. Yet, companies that do access XR technology in their CX environment could see incredible results.

  • 16% of retailers use AR to support the sales phase of the customer journey. Today’s consumers say that being able to use AR and VR to experiment with products before making a decision can help with purchasing choices. 3D technologies can also increase conversion rates by up to 40%, giving today’s clients more confidence to buy
  • Around 39% of companies say they use AR for the consideration phase. AR is a great solution for showing your customers 3D models of your products and helping them to visualize a purchase. For instance, you could use AR to show customers what a new piece of furniture would look like in their home.
  • Around 70% of customers are aware of AR and VR, and attitudes towards these technologies are overwhelmingly positive. Though XR technology is still new, customers are more than happy to embrace the solutions available if it leads to a better customer experience
  • Around 83.1 million customers in the US are already using AR on a monthly basis, accounting for around 15% of the population. As use cases continue to grow, AR and VR experiences will feel more natural in CX. There are also about 1 billion AR customers worldwide, so any business can benefit
  • 32% of consumers already use AR while shopping. AR offers businesses an opportunity to explore the unique selling points and values of their products before making a purchase. These tools are particularly valuable in an age of social distancing
  • 61% of consumers say they prefer to shop with retailers that offer AR or XR experiences. Giving your customers the chance to experiment with 3D models of your products, or interact with your business through an app could boost your chances of sales

Customers Want XR in Their Interactions

Increasingly, the statistics show that today’s consumers are keen to bring more XR technology into their interactions. 40% of customers even say they would pay more for a product if they could first customise that item in AR. Extended Reality offers a fantastic opportunity for business owners to support their clients through the buying journey, even when they’re at a distance.

71% of consumers say that they would shop more often if they used AR technology, as the solutions give more confidence and help with buying decisions. If your company hasn’t started investing in AR yet, now could be the time to dive in.


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