JigSpace Launches Spark Gen AI Tool to Democratise AR

The new tool can create digital twins of CAD files 'in minutes' to massively streamline marketing workflows

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Published: November 2, 2023

Demond Cureton

3D and augmented reality platform JigSpace announced on Thursday the launch of its Spark collaborative tool.

Users can leverage the platform’s generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) features to build 3D product presentations on the fly for AR devices with just a few simple clicks.

This will allow computer aided design (CAD) professionals, students, and consumers to generate interactive 3D presentations in seconds to massively democratise content creation.

For many in the CAD industry, creating impactful, compelling visual presentations is a challenge due to the need to explain advanced, complex products. Those facing these issues can significantly benefit from democratised augmented reality tools like JigSpace’s Spark product to tackle them.

Spark can accommodate people at all skill levels, ranging from consumers, frontline workers, and C-Suite executives, can use the tool to build bespoke AR designs for presenting and sharing to others.

The solution’s GenAI functionality can save businesses time and money by simplifying the process to creating these real-time 3D (RT3D) assets. Users can complete the process, anytime and anywhere, no matter how complex the digital assets are.

Empowering businesses with the rapid content generation solution, JigSpace’s Spark tool can help companies deploy their products across markets, close out critical deals, and support their clientele.

Finding The Right ‘Spark’

Furthermore, those using Spark can upload their product or device’s CAD file with corresponding uniform resource locator (URL) from its website. Spark’s GenAI features will then produce a 3D product presentation, or ‘Jig,’ displaying the object in full detail.

Users can additionally customise, annotate, and highlight the product’s features using natural language. Later, they can convert the digital assets into AR-based content.

With just a smartphone, PC, or tablet, audiences can view the products at 1:1 scale to understand and analyse. Spark’s AR capabilities were developed useing more than 300 thousand Jigs from internal teams.

According to the Melbourne, Australia-based firm, it developed the solution after it found that many companies host hundreds of millions of CAD files “lying dormant in corporate computers” or freely “online for anyone to use.”

Due to this, the company aims to simplify the product catalogue process by allowing company executives to “create and carry an entire product catalogue in their pocket.”

Zac Duff, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, JigSpace, said in a statement that the nea feature would “supercharge how we communicate and engage with one another.”

He continued,

“Historically, humans have experienced the world in 3D, but we must explain so much of it in 2D. So when anyone and everyone can create an engaging 3D experience in seconds, imagine how much more immersive and meaningful our education, business presentations and training will be. Democratizing this form of communication is another step toward taking spatial computing mainstream”

JigSpace-Alfa Romeo F1 Team Collaboration

The news comes after JigSpace served customers like the Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake, Medtronic, Automata, and many others.

Leveraging JigSpace’s AR Spark tool, these firms have consequently shortened their sales cycles, boosted engagement for their marketing campaigns, and eliminated time and money needed to transport items to trade shows.

For example, the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN employed its AR generation tools to showcase a bespoke livery from globally-renowned artist BOOGIE. Doing so allowed the Team to use limited large-scale marketing resources to engage audiences using immersive technologies, as well as expanding access to millions around the world.

The cutting-edge solution led Alfa Romeo’s marketing campaign to become its largest in history.



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