IMINT Demos Vidhance for Remote Assistance Solution at AES 2023

The novel solution integrates with augmented and assisted reality devices for unrivalled image stabilisation

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Published: October 24, 2023

Demond Cureton

IMINT Image Intelligence, A Swedish firm creating video enhancement software solutions, announced on Tuesday it had launched its Vidhance for Remote Assistance solution.

The Uppsala, Sweden-based company is offering the suite of tools on a subscription basis to enhance video content quality for remote assistance devices. Companies like RealWear, Rokid, and other immersive head-mounted display (HMD) hardware have trusted the Imint’s groundbreaking image stabilisation solution.

Unveiled at the Augmented Enterprise Summit in Houston, Texas, the company has been demoing the product at the premiere extended reality (XR) event.

The Bigger Picture with Imint’s Image Stabilisation Suite

The demo will showcase the Vidhance Premium Video Stabilisation feature to highlight IMINT’s innovative, standardised, video functionality, which offers unparalleled stability.

It will also allow visitors to trial the product’s Click & Lock feature, allowing remote viewers to select, track, and focus on objects appearing on screen, no matter where the camera is focused.

Vidhance for Remote Assistance

For users, its Vidhance Premium Video Stabilisation functionality also removes shaky video footage in real-time. Through the new addition, people using remote assistance video for assisted reality (aR), augmented reality (AR), and other immersive formats for remote viewing can stabilise frames and horizon levels. Camera footage from head-mounted devices, body cameras, handheld devices, and others can stabilise instantly and correct lens distortions.

The innovative solution does so by using the camera’s motion sensor data to calculate the process, frame-by-frame, to provide smooth, stable imaging for devices. Currently, nearly 850 million smartphones utilise IMINT’s optical image stabilisation (OIS) software.

Furthermore, Vidhance for Remote Assistance provides those using remote viewing devices with direct control over direct video focal points. Users can leverage the Click & Lock functionality with a single click, where remote viewers can pick objects from live feeds and select them as the camera’s primary focal point. This maintains the filming focus, no matter where the camera is directed.

Developers can also access the subscription-based solution for free, while solution providers can integrate the tools with a monthly or annual subscription for full-time adoption.

Comments on Imint’s Remote Viewing Solution

Niclas Elvgren, Head of Professional Solutions Business, IMINT, said in a statement,

“Remote assistance devices are indispensable for real-time collaboration among field workers and experts in various industries, whether it’s a travelling surgeon in Africa or an oil-field worker in the North Sea. Yet, the persistent challenge of shaky video from field workers using smart glasses, helmets, or body cameras has hindered remote assistance from scaling and reaching its full potential”

He added: “Drawing upon our deep expertise in the smartphone video enhancement market, we’ve developed Vidhance for Remote Assistance to simplify the path for independent software vendors and solutions providers to enhance communication and control for any remote assistance application, even in scenarios where the movements of field workers are highly unstable.”

Speaking further on the matter, Elvgren stated that IMINT chose the subscription model for its “powerful video enhancement features” and that the company wanted the solution to “be available to all levels of developers to help foster further innovation.”

He concluded,

“As remote assistance needs continue to evolve across industries, we’re fully committed to developing new solutions that will enhance the communication between field workers and remote experts through high-quality video. We look forward to connecting with attendees at the Augmented Enterprise Summit to demonstrate how our proven technology can take their remote assistance solutions to the next level, ushering in an era of widespread adoption”

NHS Surgeons Trial RealWear Navigator 500 with OIS

The Swedish firm’s solution comes as RealWear leveraged OIS software tools in its operational workflows. In recent medical trials, these OIS platforms allowed doctors working with the United Kingdom’s National Health Services (NHS) in Hartlepool and North Tees to stabilise live-streamed footage to medical students.

Using the immersive aR headsets, RealWear Navigator 500 wearable devices allowed students to view smooth, optimal video feeds from the operating room as surgeons operated on consenting patients.

Additional features of the device included adjustable point-of-view for camera feeds, video OIS, and precision zoom, allowing students to receive clear, engaging footage for their curricula.

The RealWear Navigator 500 also performs well in low-light settings, enables enhanced zoom for viewing distant or close objects without image degradation, and stabilises video with advanced features.

Rokid Taps Imint’s Vidhance for Enterprise OIS

With Rokid, Imint also incorporated its Vidhance Image Intelligence solution on the former’s next-generational X-Craft headband. With the combined efforts, both companies could allow professionals to stabilise video feeds for remote viewing use cases like working on machinery, repair walkthroughs, and others.

Rokid X-Craft Vidhance
A worker uses Rokid’s enterprise-grade X-Craft headband with Imint’s Vidhance OIS feature. PHOTO: Rokid

At the time, Liang Guan, General Manager, Rokid, explained that his company had “performed an in-depth study of all the solutions available” to meet growing customer demand for video stabilisation.

He concluded: “Vidhance stood out to us because of its proven track record with many global smartphone industry leaders and a comprehensive SDK with ready-to-use integrations. Most of all, we appreciated Imint’s local presence across the globe so that our engineering teams could collaborate seamlessly from the same time zone.”



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