Unity VisualLive Review: AR Construction

Rebekah Carter

Unity Transforms Design Visualisation with VisualLive

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Unity VisualLive Review: AR Construction

Used correctly, extended reality could change the way we work forever. The technology is already having a direct impact on communication and collaboration.

Teams are using virtual reality tools to connect with colleagues in digital office spaces. Professionals are guiding fieldworkers through complex tasks from a distance using AR and MR. Even the way we design products is evolving.

Unity, one of the market leaders in extended reality software creation, offers a unique solution for upgrading the Construction landscape.

The VisualLive environment means professionals can visualize designs and collaborate more effectively in real-time. The technology overlays CAD and BIM files onto job sites using AR, so you can see more of the information you need.

With Unity VisualLive, construction professionals can combine all of the data they need into one landscape, for more productive workflows. Let’s explore what this solution can really do.

Unity VisualLive Review: Features

Unity VisualLive aims to address the common problems of miscommunication and inaccuracy in the construction environment.

With intelligent Augmented Reality software, employees don’t have to worry about misunderstanding the descriptions given to them by other professionals. 3D visualization, collaboration, and field-to-office communication in real-time keeps everything running smoothly.

In a couple of clicks, business users can bring their BIM models straight into mobile devices and HoloLens headsets. The cloud-based software converts files almost instantly, keeping textures, geometries, and critical information in view.

Features include:

  • Support for over 70 file formats
  • Support for CAD/BIM models
  • Navisworks and Autodesk Revit plugins
  • HoloLens, tablet, or mobile access
  • 1:1 holographic projection
  • One-click issue reporting and capture
  • Photo markup and sharing
  • Status tracking
  • Excel spreadsheet reports
  • Streaming for remote workers
  • AI-based anchor lock
  • 2 deployment options

The Unity VisualLive technology supports construction work across all stages of the process, from design review to facility management, to Quality Assessments.

There’s integration support for all the tools industrial professionals already use, and pricing options to suit any deployment.

For instance, you can access one package for HoloLens, and another for your mobile devices and tablets.

Unity VisualLive Review: Benefits

As a cross-platform offering, you don’t need a HoloLens device to access VisualLive, but MR technology will definitely take the functionality of this system to the next level.

Being able to deliver content to users in real-time and place it in their line of sight has incredible potential for productivity.

The VisualLive solution has the opportunity to change the way we look at construction, development and design on a massive scale.

With the support of Unity’s extensive backend environment for reliability and performance, and integrations with some of the world’s leading tools, it’s easy for companies to build new immersive workflows.

You’ll even have access to plug-ins for things like Navisworks and Autodesk Revit, and a web uploader interface for supporting more than 70 34D file formats. You can easily push CAD and BIM files to your HoloLens, tablet, or mobile, all with a single click.

Some of the biggest benefits of VisualLive from Unity include:

  • Improved efficiency: The VisualLive solution from Unity has phenomenal potential to improve efficiency. In QA/QC and installation verification, you can use 1:1 scale hologram to enable fast field inspections, so users can fully experience BIM models and quickly identify discrepancies between installed conditions and designs. There’s even a range of alignment options available for any site or set up, including AI-based anchor lock.
  • Instant reporting and capture: Tracking issues and reporting them quickly has never been simpler. Using VisualLive, users can take a picture of a BIM model overlayed on existing infrastructure, and markup the images with notes. After that, it’s just a mater of uploading the picture to a shared project folder. You can even track the status of any issues that need to be addressed, with access to excel spreadsheet reports, and status updating for Navisworks.
  • Align employees anywhere: With HoloLens and VisualLive, users can immediately connect people inside and outside of the construction environment. Virtual Design Construction managers, designers, project managers, and frontline workers can all collaborate easily, working in real-time with full-scale models.
  • Exceptional flexibility: Unity gives companies the freedom to access a new future of construction design and management at a pace and price that suits them. There are two separate deployment modes to choose from, depending on your situation, including one specifically for HoloLens users. Combine that with the extensive range of integrations, and you’ve got a seriously flexible tool.

Who Needs Unity VisualLive?

Unity believes miscommunication in the construction environment can be a serious problem for a lot of today’s growing businesses. Lack of understanding and alignment between workers leads to more change orders, meetings, and mistakes.

With VisualLive in the construction environment, AR software can enable teams to achieve the right results first-time around.

VisualLive improves coherence and understanding between team members in crucial environments, like the construction space. You can connect professionals wherever they are, upgrade design review processes, and enhance QA/QC like never before.

The VisualLive environment brings all kinds of valuable data and models into the MR experience, so teams have more of the information they really need in the field.

We can see this technology being particularly useful when remote specialists need to offer guidance and insight to on-the-floor employees.

The same technology could also be extremely valuable for things like quality assurance and walk-throughs.

Unity VisualLive Review: Verdict

For tracking and improving the flow of information in the construction industry, Unity VisualLive sets new standards of efficiency.

With this AR-enhanced technology, companies can finally connect professionals from a range of environments like never before, paving the way for a better flow of operations in the construction space.

Used correctly, VisualLive could have the potential to significantly reduce the costs associated with reworks and mistakes in construction, while making teams more productive and creative. This technology really could change the way we work forever.

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