Could Panasonic AR HUDs Reach Cars by 2024?

Panasonic promises new enhancements to vehicles

Could Panasonic AR HUDs Reach Cars by 2024?

As the world continues to shift towards a more digital-first environment, augmented reality is growing increasingly valuable to virtually every industry. Disruptive AR technology augments the existing real-world landscape with digital information. This technology is already very useful for companies training team members or giving employees access to data as they work.

The Mercedes Bens team has already begun to implement AR into the MBUX navigation system Heads-up Display (HUD) for the Mercedes S-Class. The integration of AR means that floating arrows can show drivers where to go. The helpful feature ensures that users have access to navigation, while keeping their eyes on the road.

Panasonic’s automotive team plans to go even further with a new AR HUD revealed during the CES technology conference.

Introducing the Panasonic AR HUD

The Panasonic AR HUD system uses AI technology like that available in the driver assisted systems offered by Tesla. Aside from giving drivers access to the full view of the road ahead, the system also detects and informs the driver about other vehicles, foreign objects, cyclists, pedestrians, and more. In a demonstration video, it even shows the height of an underpass, which could be useful if you’re driving a larger vehicle.

The HUD comes with its own eye tracking technology to ensure that you can see images perfectly regardless of where you’re looking. If your head is turned, the system will automatically adjust the HUD element projections to compensate, in a matter of milliseconds. The navigation feature, infused with AI is extremely accurate to give you everything you need to know about directions, lane markings, and more.

Even if you’re on a bumpy road, Panasonic promises that the icons on your HUD will stay locked into the correct spaces, ensuring that you don’t end up going the wrong direction. Advanced optics built into the sensors for the HUD also mean that you can determine what an object might be from 33 feet away. The same technology works even if you’re driving at night.

Smarter Driving Experiences

The Panasonic AR HUD could transform the way that we drive forever. Along with all the technology mentioned above, users also benefit from a 3D imaging radar that can collect a 180-degree field of view of what’s going on in front of the vehicle, up to 300 feet away. There’s also holographic and laser technology that you can access for better 4k renderings too.

All of the various components that go into the Panasonic experience could be enough to get you planning your next car purchase. However, it’s still going to be a little while before you can get your hands on the Panasonic HUD. Spokespeople for the company suggest that it’s likely we’ll have a version of the HUD integrated into a car from an unknown provider by 2024.


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